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Posted by jubilantj174 pts Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chinese tourists beat on restaurant owner for not allowing them to drink their own beer

An altercation between Chinese tourists and a restaurant owner and her son in Jeju Island ended terribly for both parties involved. 

According to YTN, around 10:25 p.m. this past September 9, a number of Chinese tourists, including two women and six men, entered a restaurant in Jeju-do's Yeon-dong and ordered three dishes which were around 50,000 KRW (~$44 USD) each. When their ordered food came out, the tourists proceeded to take out their own beer and soju that they had brought to drink. However, the restaurant owner and her son told them to put their drinks away because they do not allow outside drinks to be brought in their establishment.

The tourists suddenly blew up and left the restaurant saying they did not want to eat the food. When the 53-year-old owner and her 30-year-old son reportedly chased after them to refund the money for the food, the Chinese tourists attacked the son on the face and head with a beer bottle that was wrapped in cloth. The tourists also struck the owner, making her collapse on the street. 

The son's friends, who were eating at the restaurant at the time, tried to put an end to the altercation but they were ganged up on by the tourists, resulting in even more injuries. 

Both the owner, her son and his friends suffered serious injuries, with the woman showing signs of a brain hemorrhage while the son and his friends suffered fractures in their faces. The injured party will have to receive medical care for about six to eight weeks to completely heal. 

Five of the Chinese tourists were arrested and three others have been banned from leaving the country until further investigation.

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