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Fans worried that HYBE might disband the less popular SM groups


There has been much commotion in the Korean entertainment industry, with HYBE acquiring 14.8% of SM Entertainment.

On February 10, HYBE Labels confirmed that it has purchased 14.8% of shares in SM Entertainment from founder Lee Soo Man, formally becoming the agency's largest shareholder. Additionally, it was confirmed that HYBE is looking to acquire an additional 25% stake in SM Entertainment for 900 million USD.

This came about after a management dispute between the current management of SM Entertainment under co-CEOs and the founder Lee Soo Man. While Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Jun have sided with Kakao and Align Partners, Lee Soo Man partnered up with HYBE, bringing more attention to the internal feud.

With the announcement that HYBE has become the biggest shareholder, there have been various discussions about the change that will come about in SM Entertainment. One discussion is the high probability that SM will have fewer ties with China and fewer Chinese members in their future artist lineup.

In a popular online community, fans are worried that HYBE might disband the less popular groups of SM Entertainment.

Fans expressed their worries and commented, "I feel like when HYBE acquires 40% as they planned, they're going to start cutting off all the none useful people," "Which groups are the less popular groups in SM though?" "There are definitely groups in SM that are not profitable," "Are there groups that are not profitable at SM though?" "Maybe the groups that are older," "Why are people keep talking about this?" "I don't think HYBE will have the power to just disband people like that," and "I don't think it would be disbanding but the worry is when the contract expires."

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iKttyTzuyu962 pts Monday, February 13, 2023 19
Monday, February 13, 2023

but what groups aren’t successful ?? red velvet is very much still successful, birthday just made 1 million sales and they’re quite still obvious in demand with the public, aespa is clearly the next big thing in sm, their last album made over 1 million sales in one week and they’re having their concert in just a couple weeks, nct is still in demand and both 127 and dream are clearly fond with the public. snsd album made 100k sales in one week and “forever 1” did very well in sales, exo last comeback made over 500k sales in one week and they’re rumored to have a comeback soon. shinee is rumored to have a comeback in the future and “don’t call me” made over 100k sales in one week.

the only groups i can think that hybe will disband that’s under sm ent. is f(x) and that makes total sense bc they haven’t had a comeback in 7 years and none of the members besides luna are promoting as kpop idols anymore. the other groups i can think of will be the groups that are under companies that were acquired by sm ent.

(i don’t know much abt super junior or tvxq! since i don’t focus on them but i think super junior has their own company so i thinks it’s very unlikely for hybe to disband them but tvxq .. i don’t know)

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red111,300 pts Monday, February 13, 2023 9
Monday, February 13, 2023

Feel like people exaggerate the GFriend thing. They were definitely shitty in how they handled it -- no goodbye album, concert, etc. But it's clear GFriend wasn't staying together.

If they wanted to stay together they could've stayed together. Plenty of other groups have done it. Two members are pursuing acting, Yuju is solo, and the rest are Viviz. A company would definitely have taken them all.

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