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Netizens praise #Jin's creativity saying that his mini-show on Youtube should be aired on Netflix

Last Saturday, everyone was able to watch the first two episodes of Jin's own mini-show on Youtube, 'The Drunken Truth.' The first two episodes focus on his journey into the world of traditional Korean alcohol together with chef Baek Jongwon. They both discuss the importance of saving the traditional alcohol brewing methods and receipts of Korea. They visit a professional in this sphere, and Jin makes his own traditional rice-based alcohol drink, Makgeolli.

The two episodes got lots of love from fans and the general public. Since it's deeply connected to Korean culture, Korean Netizens praised Jin as well. They complimented his planning skills, creativity, originality, and the wholesome atmosphere of the show. By the way, in the next episode, Jin and chef Baek are going to visit the traditional Korean market as a part of a program that helps to keep the local markets relevant. He is also going to drink the self-made Makgeolli with his friends, Chef Baek, and famous actor Kim Namgil.

Jin's show turned out to be not only fun and entertaining but also super informative. Everyone, including Koreans, can learn lots of new things about the traditional culture.

Koreans even recommend Netflix to air Jin's mini-show on their platform. Here are some popular comments from the TheQoo forum, which lets new users join the forum only once in two years, keeping the community as strictly Korean as possible. The post has over 45k views, with hundreds of positive comments.

- I wish this was aired on TV.
- It's so high quality I think it's TvN's entertainment.
- Jin's planning skills are amazing!
- It was so much fun and so informative. Go to Netflix!

- This guy keeps spreading the good influence.

- It's really good that he made an entertaining show about something so traditional. I think this video is good for foreign fans.

- The docu-feeling is very cool.

- Love it so much!

- I think that Jin is really smart. He catches up on new things so fast.

- I also want to try making it now.

- I watched this video, not as a fan, but it was very interesting and informative. 

- Do more!

- It's a high-quality show, can you air it on TV? I think it would be good to inform people about those things.

- BTS's charms are getting revealed more in this era. However, I'm surprised with Jin the most, it feels like he could do absolutely anything and make it interesting. Can't wait for the next week.

- I watched the recent content with Jin and he is really good-natured, good-looking, smart, polite.

- Jin gets an idea of his own and runs with it, the show is so fresh.
- Kim Seok-jin is a real genius.

- I love it so much, I wish it was aired on Netflix.

Jin receives lots of love from the Korean community, as he participated in a few Korean shows and became the model for Jin Ramen. They like his respectful, funny, sincere, kind and creative personality. The popular hosts also praise Jin's personality a lot, immediately falling for him. Fans say that it's indeed so easy to love Jin. Some TheQoo posts with the artist even get 100k views, which usually happens only to articles about celebrities' scandals. He constantly trends on the most read articles page on Naver as well. 

The next two episodes will air on Saturday. 

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Vic-Sze28,640 pts Wednesday, November 16, 2022 0
Wednesday, November 16, 2022

World Wide Handsome Jin is really creative and adorable. He really shines in all his videos .

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riri910922,603 pts Wednesday, November 16, 2022 0
Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The show is so fun and informative! It’s like netflix quality.. they should have more episodes tho😖

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