Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Former GFriend member Sowon decides not to renew her contract with IOK Company


It was reported that former GFriend member Sowon has decided to part ways with IOK Company after only one year.

According to reports by Ten Asia, Sowon (Kim So Jung) parted ways with the agency on August 30. Previously, Sowon debuted as an actress after leaving GFriend. However, she had not been active in any other projects except 'My Chilling Roommate.'

After signing with IOK Company last year, the agency stated it would give full support to the actress but was not able to meet expectations. 

It hasn't been revealed to which agency Sowon will sign with next, and it is speculated that Sowon will be working independently. 

Meanwhile, Sowon debuted with GFriend back in 2015 and received much love after releasing hits such as "Glass Bead," "Me Gustas Tu," "Rough," "Navillera," and more.

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theoriginaldan527 pts Tuesday, August 30, 2022 3
Tuesday, August 30, 2022

(Incoming Viviz fans saying BPM going to sign her and put her in the group)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

I'd be a little surprised if she landed at BPM and joined Viviz as just a year ago she would have had that chance but apparently that didn't really interest her. Now perhaps the intervening year has changed her mind, but often idols that leave behind idol life after their seven year contract are pretty much done with that path as they just don't enjoy performing and practicing that much or they grow tired of the lifestyle and scrutiny. This seems a bit like either she didn't check out IOK very thoroughly and that they couldn't do much for her or IOK didn't check her out thoroughly and found they couldn't do much with her, and after a year they decided to come to a mutual parting of the ways. Lots of idols try to turn actor after their seven years are up, and most don't meet much success as they are competing for roles with actors that are still idols and can leverage their fame with their group, or actors that have been in the field for years and are much more experienced and often better trained. It's why it is so important for idols to have a plan B if entertainment in the spotlight doesn't work out. If they are smart they are trying to use their seven years to finish high school or get their GED and start college classes or vocational programs, so they have something to fall back on. Hopefully things work out for Sowon as an actress if that is what she truly wants to do. At least in Sowon's case she should have had some savings from her time in GFriend, so she can afford to go back to school, or maybe do a job that she is passionate about, but doesn't pay that great and not have to struggle financially.

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