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Netizens talk about ENHYPEN' Jake's thoughtful behavior on 'The Game Caterers'

Recently, the famous variety show "The Game Caterers" filmed a special episode with HYBE artists. In one of the games, an idol from each group had to run a race and choose one of the mission cards in the final. The mission card Jake had chosen said that he needed to bring an idol who looked older than his/her age. But Jake brought in a baby-faced Sunoo instead of someone who looked older and said he misunderstood the mission because he was a foreigner. Some netizens watching this episode are starting to think that Jake brought in a baby-faced Sunoo instead of someone who looks older so as not to break anyone's heart.

A netizen created a post about this on Pann, and the post quickly trended with close to 60K views, over 312 upvotes, and over 100 comments.

"So even though the members asked to show the cue card with the mission, Jake didn't show it until the end and said that he is a foreigner and was confused with 노안(face looks older than their age) and 동안(baby faced). Why are so sweet, Jake?"

Here are some comments about Jake on Pann:

-Looking at the reactions, Jake must have known it. It could be upsetting, so after thinking about who he should bring, he chose Sunoo, and because it's a variety show, he pretended not to know and used the foreigner chance.

- Who doesn't know that Jake is friendly? Just by watching the video, I can tell he's so nice.

- The members kept asking what was written in the cue card but he won't show it and was thinking for a while in front of them and took Sunoo and said, "I'm doomed," when they were coming in front. I think he pretended not to know it.
- I happened to see the Polaroid Love performance and he was singing with his permed hair. I fell in love at first sight, and he also has a pleasant personality.

- And meanwhile, Park Jongseong kept saying that if he had taken him, they would have won.

- If you're a fan, you know him. If he doesn't know what it means in Korean, he immediately asks the members. But here he doesn't purposely show them the card.

- First of all, it's not easy for him to choose a senior who looks older than his age.

- Really...I have no choice but to love him.

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Lunelvr5,738 pts Sunday, July 17, 2022 0
Sunday, July 17, 2022

True the members kept asking him to show them so if he was really confused and wanted to win he could ask the staff or the members I know Jake did it to not break anyone’s heart but I’m glad he has such a nice heart cuz even if we put a member POTENTIALLY getting offended if he chose them, the fans of the said member would even more mad so he saved everyone from a lot of trouble

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gabs-00114 pts Sunday, July 17, 2022 0
Sunday, July 17, 2022

Jake is the nicest guy <3 I love him so much, he deserves all the attention in the world 🥹

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