Posted by Sophie-Ha Wednesday, July 6, 2022

An investigation into Nam Joo Hyuk's alleged underage drinking photos and "KakaoTalk Prison"


After bullying accusationsNam Joo Hyuk has been at the center of attention, with more allegations surfacing about the actor.

A few days ago, alleged photos of Nam Joo Hyuk's underage drinking surfaced online along with a Kakaotalk conversation in which his group of friends cyberbullied another classmate. 

Former entertainment reporter turned YouTuber Lee Jin Ho decided to dig further into the allegations and give his opinion on the matter.

On July 6, Lee Jin Ho posted a video that showed the Kakaotalk conversation in which Nam Joo Hyuk's friends can be seen bullying another classmate who was invited to their group chat. Just a day before, a third victim stepped forward and claimed that he had suffered cyberbullying from Nam Joo Hyuk's group of friends. This new alleged victim explained, "One of Nam Joo Hyuk's group members didn't like me, so just for that reason, he invited me to a group chatroom where they took turns cursing at me."

In regards to this, Lee Jin Ho explained, "When I examined the context of that allegation, it was clearly revealed that Nam Joo Hyuk was not the one who led the bullying."

He continued to elaborate, "On May 10, 2012, twelve Suil High School students, including Nam Joo Hyuk, were invited to a Kakao group chat with the victim, A. 'Son' had forcefully invited victim A. 'Son' is one of the 18 classmates interviewed by Dispatch recently."

Lee Jin Ho revealed, "After the victim was invited, the other male students took turns to curse at the victim. Looking at the content, there were various slanders such as 'You smell like ****' 'Selfish *****' 'You're ugly,' and more."

He continued to say, "However, just 10 minutes after the chat was created, Nam Joo Hyuk was seen saying, 'There's mad Katalk (messages)' and then he says 'what's with the **** fuss in a chat full of guys?' and 'leave you shi*s,' Although his language was rough, he was not the one who led the bullying. In fact, Nam Joo Hyuk was seen stopping the bullying." According to Lee Jin Ho, Nam Joo Hyuk shut down the chatroom.

In the conversation, Nam Joo Hyuk is seen saying, "Let's make another chatroom," and all his friends left the chatroom at once. Lee Jin Ho explained, "From this, you can see the position Nam Joo Hyuk was in among his friends. After the Kakaotalk cyberbullying became an issue, some of the friends wanted to apologize to the victim."

Additionally, photos from Nam Joo Hyuk's school days were revealed. Lee Jin Ho explained, "There are photos that show that there was underage drinking and smoking." However, the YouTuber added, "but anyone can be rebellious at one point in their school days. Nevertheless, we can see their group was not just an ordinary group of friends seeing from the photos of the kids going to Karaoke rooms, drinking, and smoking."

Lee Jin Ho concluded by saying, "At that time, the group of friends had a strong friendship and raised their voices to defend Nam Joo Hyuk. 18 individuals all raised the same voice, but just because they are saying the same thing does that mean we can hastily judge that the victims' claims are not true?"

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Shuturtrap6,281 pts Wednesday, July 6, 2022 8
Wednesday, July 6, 2022

This is so strange. He probably refused a “favor” from a higher up in the industry and they’re trying to destroy him. He didn’t bully anybody now they’re trying to look into his friends past to connect him to something. Anything that could bring him down

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lyricaldancer104,358 pts Wednesday, July 6, 2022 2
Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Just because his friends did drink and smoke, doesn’t mean he did. They are trying everything it seems.

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