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ZE:A leader Junyoung caught drunk driving by police; video released through YouTube channel


ZE:A's Junyoung has been caught by police for driving under the influence.

On March 7 KST, Caracula, a Korean YouTube channel dedicated to car-related accidents, had netizens speculating when they announced that 'A,' the leader of a popular boy group, was caught drunk driving by police on in Gangnam's Sinsa-dong neighborhood on the evening of March 6.

With the announcement, they shared a photo of a man with a blurred-out but reddish face in the middle of the night, adding that they were acquiring a video of the scene and would release it via live broadcast.

In the time between the announcement and the actual video, netizens were making a wide range of guesses as to which idol it could be. Later, Caracula released a YouTube live video titled 'Idol Group Leader 'A' Caught For Drunk Driving (Urgent Live Broadcast)' and revealed 'A's face in the image to show it was Moon Junyoung, the leader of ZE:A.

"This is an incident that occurred at 10 at night on March 6. It's nearby Eonju-ro in Gangnam. Police officers are on the scene. Note the man smoking a cigarette among the officers,"
the Caracula YouTube host explained as he played portions of the video. "This man is a famous idol in his 30s. That's the case summary. This man was driving a K5 car on a one-way street, but he drove in reverse and honked the horn to tell the Rolls-Royce car in front of him to get out." He then suddenly got out of his car and shouted "Get out" to the other driver.

"He smelled heavily of alcohol, so the Rolls-Royce owner reported him to the police on suspicion of drunk driving," the host continued. When his blood-alcohol level was tested, Junyoung blew a 0.113%, which is well above the 0.03% limit. As a result, his driver's license has reportedly been revoked.

"When the police first arrived to Moon Junyoung, he denied that he was driving under the influence,"
the host added. "He said that the car was left behind by the driver and that he had been in the passenger seat. However, when the police reviewed the black box footage from the car of the person who reported Moon Junyoung, it was confirmed that he was driving."

Meanwhile, there is no official statement from the Gangnam area police or Junyoung about the incident.

The footage in the Caracula video can be seen below, with the incident starting at 23:29.

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Don't drink and drive people it's not that hard.

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Big Dummy!!!

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