Posted by Sophie-Ha Friday, February 18, 2022

ENHYPEN fans are worried after seeing Jake being uncomfortable during his recent V Live where he received backlash and negative comments


On February 18, ENHYPEN fans took issue with the actions of certain individuals during Jake's recent V Live broadcast.

On this day, the ENHYPEN member logged on to V Live by himself to spend some time with his fans. However, there were some who wrote numerous negative comments, with some asking Jake to apologize for wearing a necklace that had the Arabic word "Allah" during an Inkigayo performance on January 23. Muslim fans are upset because a holy name like "Allah" should not be used as an accessory or aesthetic.

The chat was bombarded, which Jake was reading, with comments demanding that Jake apologize and began attacking the idol, insulting him as well. Soon, Jake's facial expression showed clear signs of discomfort and sadness as he continued to receive backlash.

With further backlash directed at the idol, ENHYPEN fans decided to take it into their own hands to shield Jake from these attacks. These fans explained that Jake wearing that necklace is not his fault, but the agency's as the company's stylist dressed him.

Therefore, ENHYPEN fans expressed their concerns for the idol and began trending the hashtag requesting Belift to apologize for the latest controversy. 

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ImmaculateLoser861 pts Friday, February 18, 2022 7
Friday, February 18, 2022

Oh please…the “fans” know good and well they don’t dress or accessorize themselves. Speak out to the label not the artist. Leave the kid alone.

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Lunelvr5,334 pts Friday, February 18, 2022 2
Friday, February 18, 2022

I feel like I can freely talk about this issue since I’m Muslim myself

If I have to be honest non-Muslims canceling him and acting as if they care about Islam pisses me off more than him wearing that necklace


The possibility of him not knowing the meaning of that necklace is too high 1- even so called ‘woke’ people didn’t know it I found out thanks to this issue 2- Enhypen members bunch of times told that they have no say in their styling during promotions 3- the way that necklace was marketed

Also I guess so many of you don’t know this but even us Muslims don’t wear clothing that has God’s name on it put aside dancing or going to bathroom with it… so yeah it’s extremely disrespectful


If you think by canceling him and making him miserable you’re helping Muslim community then think again cuz you aren’t

Oh and I hope belift goes to HELL cuz they didn’t do anything about Heeseung’s situation and now he barely ever posts- if same happens with Jake I might as well burn belift

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