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Girls' Generation's YoonA and 2PM's Junho displayed incredible chemistry together


At the '2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon' that took place on December 31 at 8:40 KST, Girls' Generation's YoonA and 2PM's Junho put on an exceptional collaboration performance that hs captivated the hearts of fans.

The two danced to "Senorita" and showed off their perfect chemistry on stage in all aspects. Many netizens and fans were mesmerized by the visual chemistry the two shared and gathered in an online community to share their thoughts.

Many netizens loved the two idols-turned-actors and wished they would star in a romantic comedy together. Netizens commented, "They really look good together," "They were part of my youth, I love them together," "Their faces look so good together," "The chemistry they share is so crazy," "I wish they would star in a drama together," "My heart flutters just watching Girls' Generation being with 2PM," "I love these two together," "Can they film a romantic comedy together?" and "I want to see them in a drama together."

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Great performance, this is a masterpiece!!!~ YoonA and Junho so amazing chemistry and both so talented k-pop artists and legends

I really miss legendary Kpop Queen Goddess Yoona she is an amazing dancer, sexy cool singe-rapper and a genius artist, I still waiting her official solo debut with full album and sexy-cool concept.

K-Netizens showed enthusiastic reactions, YoonA and Junho got lots of praise for their passionate performance and for having so talents and a perfect chemistry. Their looks also got lots of praises. Knetz also paid lots of attention to both delivering awesome dance together. Their special performance ranked #1 on NaverTV Top 100 and was also highlighted in others countries as China where even Sina Entertainment official weibo account made an individual post for YoonA x Junho’s performance

Let's look at some of the comments on TheQoo:

"So sexy. For real…”

“YoonA, please dance everyday for us.”

“YoonA’s face is freakin’ amazing.”

“Argh, of course they belong to K-Dol Talk (category).”

“Freakin’ cool.”

“Two of them really performed so well.”

“Ah, seriously, it’s amazing.”

“Freakin’ sexyㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ”
“I watched it with my mouth openㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Glad that I was watching it alone.”
“Freakin’ like it. Insane, my heart is racing fast.”

“YoonA has always been so pretty, insane.”

“Hey, the whole country needs to watch this.”

“The combination of YoonA & Junhoㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ What’s with YoonA’s prettiness, she’s insane for real.”
“Their sexy dance is amazing. The duration is also longer than I expected. They might have been practicing a lot.”

“YoonA, please hurry and make a comeback soon. The idol’s world is losing a lot…”“Their dance lines are no joke. Woah.”
“Ah. I love two of them.”

“Mom.. They have more skinships than I expectedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s hot, it’s hot.”
“Woah, two of them are very very cool. They rocked the opening.”

“Seriously, though their visuals are great. Their dance lines are amazing… The mature’s sexiness.”

“YoonA nailed it ㄷㄷ She’s always the idol who shines brightly.”
“Two of them are sexy, pretty. I want to see another stage from them.”
“I’m gonna passionately wait for them to have an acting project together.”

“Woah, it’s totally hot❤️💥”

“Freakin’ crazy. Though I was looking forward to it, it came out better than I expected.”

“This performance needs to be the talk of the town forever… Ah, seriously the class of Soshi x 2PM and YoonA x Junho is amazing.”

“How long has it been since we got to see this kind of tension on the stage? YoonA is a goddess, Junho is a new discovery. They’re even good at performing.”
“I screamed earlier while watching it on TV ♥”
“It feels like I’m watching 2PM x SNSD’s special performance.”

Let's look at some of the comments on NAVER

[+1666, -64] YoonA is so pretty. Yoongphrodite is not joke

[+1626, -36] Kya... Who are the ones that casted these two MCs? I want to praise them

[+1363, -40] Awesome, you're doing so great, Yoong~noona TT TT

[+1307, -41] Goddess Dancer YoonA~~awesome!!!
[+1226, -64] Lee Junho's dance is daebak~~~~daebak!!!

[+1045, -50] I miss YoonA's dancing so much. please give us solo albums, please

[+1030, -42] Woah~ It's no joke starting from the opening? They're so sexy , the moment I saw it, I had a crush on them

[+891, -53] Junho~~~Daebak

[+671, -17] 2pm & snsd again , so awesome!~


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