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Kim Jong Kook states that he will take legal action against anyone who spreads false information regarding the recent HRT controversy


Kim Jong Kook uploaded another YouTube video giving an update regarding the controversy in which a famous Canadian fitness YouTuber accused that the singer could be using HRT.

On November 18, Kim Jong Kook posted a video with the title, "The law takes precedence over fists," drawing attention. In the video, Kim Jong Kook sent a rather strong and firm warning that he would take legal action against anyone who spreads false information regarding the steroid and hormone controversy surrounding him.

Kim Jong Kook stated, "I'm a celebrity. I've been a celebrity for 27 years. As a longtime singer, I take pride in moving people's hearts and find a large joy to provide fun and happiness to everyone."

He continued to say, "To people, celebrities are a subject to their pain and an outlet to their worries. I believe acting as a subject to that is part of the job. Feeling catharsis from writing hate comments about celebrities, to deal and face that, is I think, even part of the job as a celebrity, which is why I kept quiet all this time."

Kim Jong Kook further added, "But this crossed the line and it's gone way out of hand for me to just sit back and watch. So by using a medium that a lot of people watch, I want to inform my viewers of the penalties for those who create false rumors and post hate comments."

In the video, Kim Jong Kook invited lawyer Park Min Cheol, an attorney who is part of the Kim & Jang law firm. The lawyer introduced various examples and gave legal advice in regards to the recent controversy Kim Jong Kook was embroiled in.

Kim Jong Kook once again stressed that he is innocent and ended the video by demanding a sincere apology from Greg Doucette, who raised suspicions against him starting this whole controversy.

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Poppiex81,278 pts 12 days ago 13
12 days ago
KJK has a lot of pride, this must have really touched a nerv. Hope all goes well for him! I think asking for an apology is a very good way to handle this in stead of going back and forth forever. I hope they can settle this soon so we can move on. Stay strong KJK


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just_here_4_fun610 pts 12 days ago 1
12 days ago

KJK could very well sue Greg, but I think he's trying to be a bigger person here, by simply demanding an apology, which is well within his rights. Rumors like that, especially for KJK who's image is heavily related to health and exercise, can be career ending in Korea. And Greg should learn to be careful of what he throws out there


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