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Posted by Yeom-My Thursday, October 21, 2021

Post-'Penthouse' Vibes: Uhm Ki Joon's Villainous Roles in Other Dramas


Uhm Ki Joon rose up to the status of national "trash" as his villainous role on the Penthouse series has given viewers extreme amounts of stress. Uhm Ki Joon turns out to actually be one of the nicest people, and he is the polar opposite from his role in the drama.

(Translation: Penthouse Set! A photo in front of the fountain! I hope you enjoy the show^^* I'm not that bad of a person~~lol)

Unfortunately, he was still known for his villainous roles prior to this drama. In fact, he was in several dramas where he was not only a villain but pretty much just a trashy person in general. Let's look at his journey as a villain!

Phantom (2012) - Jo Hyun Min

He began his villain acting beginning with this drama, showcasing his serious and dark side. He was able to earn popularity by the public as well as be accepted for his acting skills! He was able to kill two birds with one stone.

Golden Cross (2014) - Michael Jang

Though Uhm was not the main villain in this drama, he shined his light as the sub villain, illustrating a childish personality and a weird obsession with guns.

The Man in The Guns (2015) - Kang Hyun Woong

Uhm appears as a prosecutor in this drama, and he showcases his perfect self that has never been lost, and he believes that he is the best.

Innocent Defendant (2017) - Cha Sun Ho / Cha Min Ho

If we're applauding Lee Ji Ah for playing two characters in Penthouse, we have to pause to give some of that applause to Uhm Ki Joon because he successfully played the roles of two twin brothers in this role. This was actually his most famous drama prior to Penthouse, as he killed multiple people in this drama too and tried to be shameless about it. 

Penthouse I, II, III (2020, 2021) - Ju Dan Tae

And of course, we cannot forget Penthouse that completely showed the evil of the evils as Ju Dan Tae proudly claimed the title of the Nation's Trash! Let's check out some of his best moments! 

Uhm Ki Joon may seem evil and not-so-likable on screen, but he is a great guy to be around, and he is an amazing person in general! Uhm Ki Joon and the cast of Penthouse recently filmed "Secret Zoo," and viewers were able to see a more sincere side of the actors. 

Uhm Ki Joon actually debuted back in 2006 and played various roles in dramas, movies, and musicals, but he really got his name out there thanks to his incredibly charming villainous acting. Which was your favorite character to see the actor act in? And if you did not like his villainous acting, what was your favorite drama to see him in? 

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23ExoL155 pts Thursday, October 21, 2021 0
Thursday, October 21, 2021

Um kijoon is really a fine actor…always loved his acting…alike his characters, he really has a sweet personality…Defendants is a must watch in his filmography



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Thursday, October 21, 2021

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