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These K-Pop songs sound just like video game theme songs


K-Pop is more of an umbrella term globally for Korean music, and as such, it includes a number of different genres, musical techniques, and so on. If there's anything that has become clear through the booming popularity of K-Pop, it is that there is something here for everyone and every mood. 

Do you want to feel like you're the protagonist in a real-life video game? Here are 6 K-Pop songs that can be the video game OST you need!

Oh My Girl Banhana - 'Banana Allergy Monkey'

There is something about this song that brings back the nostalgia of old-school video games. If you need some music to motivate you to achieve your goals, this song is your best bet! 

ASTRO - 'Baby'

'Baby' is easily one of ASTRO's best songs that will make you feel like you're in an 8-bit computer game. It will always remain a shining gem in ASTRO's discography and definitely deserves more attention.

f(x) - 'Papi'

f(x) is one of those groups that has made music for even the rarest of moods. 'Papi' is a song that is suited to a number of occasions and categories, and "video game OST" just happens to be one of them.

INFINITE - 'BTD (Before The Dawn)

INFINITE's 'BTD (Before The Dawn)' is iconic in every sense of the word. It wouldn't be surprising to actually hear this song in an action/adventure video game even now. 

Lovelyz - 'WoW!'

Lovelyz has a no-skip discography that many new K-Pop fans might not know about. Not only does the group deserve more attention, but this song is a total jam, especially when you want to feel like you've been transported to the world of your favorite video game.

DREAMCATCHER - 'Sleep-walking'

DREAMCATCHER has a distinct style and sonic aesthetic, but that is not to say that the group does not experiment with a diverse range of concepts and genres while retaining their signature sound. 'Sleep-walking' is the perfect example of such an amalgamation. We can totally imagine it as the theme song of a dark fairy-tale/mystery game. 

  1. ASTRO
  2. Dream Catcher
  3. f(x)
  5. Lovelyz
  6. Oh My Girl
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Klondike66 pts 29 days ago 0
29 days ago

Lovelyz are always worth a listen or two.



kpop-evangelist14 pts 29 days ago 0
29 days ago

Lovelyz "Triangle" is more arcade-style. I swear they sampled directly from a video game ROM at the start of the song.



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