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Netizens debate whether or not they agree with tvN's list of 'Top 7 K-Dramas That Surprised Viewers Worldwide'


Back on September 3, tvN listed out the broadcasting station's picks for the 'Top 7 K-Dramas That Surprised Viewers Worldwide'.

The list only featured productions which aired via tvN, and was published on the official Instagram account of tvN Drama.

However, soon after the list went live, various netizens questioned whether or not they agreed with tvN's choices. First, check out which tvN dramas made the list, below. (The list is in no particular order.)

1. 'The Lonely and Great God'

2. 'Crash Landing On You'

3. 'Vincenzo'

4. 'Hotel Del Luna'

5. 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?'

6. 'Stranger'

7. 'Hospital Playlist'

There were some dramas that many netizens agreed were definitely appropriate for this list, such as those representative of K-dramas' global popularity worldwide, or those boasting high quality of production as well as excellent performances by the cast. However, many netizens had to disagree with other choices, as they commented:

"What is the criteria for this list exactly? Of all Shin Won Ho PD dramas, the 'Reply' series are the most popular anywhere in the world, not 'Hospital Playlist'."
"I can't believe 'Mister Sunshine' isn't on this list."
"I'm offended by the fact that they put 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?' over 'Mister Sunshine'." 
"'The Lonely and Great God' and 'Crash Landing On You' are both my favorite dramas of all time."
"This seems to be based only on international performance. Overseas, they only care about romance, not good stories or acting."
"These may be popular overseas, but for a lot of drama fans in Korea, the 'Reply' series are still representative of the best tvN productions."
"'Hospital Playlist'..?? No..."
"I have foreigner friends who watch 'The Lonely and Great God' and 'Crash Landing On You' almost religiously kekekekeke."
"I'd rather have 'My Mister' in this list over 'Secretary Kim'."
"They did 'Mister Sunshine' and 'My Mister' so wrong..."
"The #1 tvN drama in my heart is 'Signal'!"
"There are so many other dramas that can replace 'Hospital Playlist' on this list."

...and more. 

Meanwhile, the official Instagram account for tvN dramas has since deleted the above list, although it's unclear whether or not the deletion was due to netizens' disagreements, or other format errors. (Some netizens noticed that the air dates for 'Crash Landing On You' were incorrect in the image above.)

What do you think of tvN's own chosen list, and netizens' reactions to it?

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port9183 pts 24 days ago 10
24 days ago

"This seems to be based only on international performance. Overseas, they only care about romance, not good stories or acting."

I am offended because I prefer thriller and fantasy over romance and I am sure many other fans too but here we are still getting stereotyped by some knetz.


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Xxxbrego2,589 pts 24 days ago 6
24 days ago

Let's be honest all that drama in the list they just got massive international viewers because of theirs actors and actress not because the storyline except goblin.


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