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6 Types of Instagram selfies, as shown by your favorite K-Pop idols


We love when K-Pop idols have their own spaces of self-expression, especially when fans too get access to the same. Social media is one of those spaces, and Instagram, in particular, is usually the fan-favorite. Idols with personal Instagram accounts usually have the freedom to go live, post whatever they want, whenever they want, and interact with fans as they like. In some cases, they have that liberty even on their group accounts.

Here are 6 types of Instagram selfies by K-Pop idols that you can get inspiration from for your next post!

The mirror selfie

Seung Woo shows us how to take the coolest mirror selfie, even if it's not with your phone. Get close-up shots of your hair and makeup or a full body shot of your OOTD, the mirror selfie has you covered. 

The jawline selfie

MJ knows his features just as well as he knows his angles. If you want to flaunt your sharp side profile, get your inspiration from MJ. Besides, this is the perfect angle to show off your eye makeup or even your ear accessories. 

The selfie with the rear camera

You might think this is a terrible idea but let IU convince you otherwise. The rear camera usually takes photos of a higher quality than the selfie camera, and IU proves that they look just as cute! However, we admit, you do need a certain amount of skill to nail this time of selfie. Practice makes perfect!

The "woke up like this" selfie

Hanse has the coolest Instagram feed in all of K-Pop, and that's simply a fact. He specializes in a couple of different types of selfies, such as the one with the camera flash, the one with the face covered, and so on. However, his effortlessly handsome "straight out of bed" selfies have to be the hottest of them all. 

The one with the squad

This one has a very special process. You need to photobomb your dearest friend while they're taking their own selfie, and the only thing you need to worry about is getting your face in the frame. BTS clearly are the pioneers of this type.

The double trouble 

Wondering what could be better than one Yuta? Two of them, of course! Get your left profile and your right, all in one selfie and look flawless while doing the same; that's exactly what Yuta is showing us here. 

The one where you're reppin'

Need to show off the latest K-Pop merchandise you just got? This selfie is the one for you! Not only do you get to flex your fit, but you also look super cool while doing so! Let Shownu be your go-to Instagram guide, and your selfies will never be the same.

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I want to try mirror selfie like yuta



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Should add the idols who take unflattering photos despite being good-looking lol



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