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Netizens think that the alleged 'former DSP Media employee' and Naeun also have similar handwriting


Netizens are continuing to believe that the alleged former employee of DSP Media may be Naeun.

As reported, netizens are speculating that the post made by a 'former DPS Media employee' may be by Naeun, based on the consistent grammatical errors found in the post. Recently, more netizens are supporting the view by stating that the penmanship found on the anonymous post is similar to Naeun's.

In the post, the phrase written on the paper reads: "Hyunjoo stop lying ^^ You're going to be punished". Although the original post has been deleted, netizens who have saved the image compared the screenshot with Naeun's handwriting, which you can see at the bottom. (The note, written by Naeun, reads: "To. Genie<3 Naeun, Jinsol unit song")

To this speculation, netizens are reacting with both skepticism and anger towards Naeun who may or may not have disguised herself as the former employee. Some comments include:

"Wow Naeun...you're the best"

"If this is all true, then I'm so scared of Naeun"

"I can't believe Hyunjoo was able to survive through all this, if this is true"

"Hey, just stop...I'm sure there were problems with Hyunjoo too. Don't just look at the issue in a one-sided way. The most dangerous person in the world is the one who has read just one book."

"Maybe it's Naeun but I think it could have been April's fan or some other member or a manager...not just some plain old former employee though"

Do you also think that the handwritings look similar?

  1. April
  2. Naeun
  3. Hyunjoo
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Popsocket88138 pts 15 days ago 2
15 days ago

she should have used g.rammarly.


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seafiant1,800 pts 15 days ago 3
15 days ago

At this rate maybe Naeun wasn't lying about being a "former DSP employee" only putting it out there a bit early.


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