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"Your group got stomped on by KARA and Girls' Generation," Former After School member Lizzy shows how she responds to a malicious commenter


Former After School member Lizzy showed netizens how she responds to malicious commenters by sharing the message with all her fans.

On March 16th, Lizzy shared an Instagram story sharing a capture of the malicious message sent by a hater. She posted the photo with the caption, "Child, do you have nothing to do?"

The hater sent a direct message to Lizzy, saying, "Your group got stomped on by KARA and Girls' Generation, right?" The hater then went on to ridicule Lizzy's name by saying, "What kind of name is Lizzy anyway? Sounds so Japanese."

Lizzy responded to the hater by saying, "yes ^^" to which the hater continued to say, "why did you get stomped on by KARA and Girls' Generation? KARA and Girls' Generation is so much more famous than you guys." 

Lizzy argued back, "That was so long time ago...do you not have anything to do?" Soon, Lizzy shared the hater's message on her social media, catching the attention of netizens.

As soon as Lizzy shared the message with the hater, the malicious commenter wrote back, "Why are you sharing this?" to which Lizzy just laughed.

Meanwhile, Lizzy debuted with After School back in 2010 and gained popularity through the unit group Orange Caramel. She has currently changed career paths and is active as an actress.

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26 days ago

hates on idol calling them not famous.

idol shares story.

hater suddenly nervous.

clearly shes famous enough!



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26 days ago

Love the level of savagery from Lizzy. 💅🏼



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