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Posted by ishani-sarkar Wednesday, March 10, 2021

[VOTE] Cast your favorite actors in your ideal historical K-Drama


Historical dramas make up a majority of the Korean drama variety and every time a new sageuk drama is announced, fans wish they could cast their favorite actors in it. In every K-Drama, there are a couple of characters tropes that will always be present. What if you could make your ideal cast for a historical K-Drama? Vote in the polls down below for each character trope, and let's see who comes out on top! 

Disclaimer: Since we (sadly) cannot fit every actor ever, we've tried narrowing the options down mostly to those who haven't appeared in the said roles in historical dramas before.

The puppet King/Queen who has a bigger plan

A common trope in historical K-Dramas is that of a monarch who's only the figurehead of the Kingdom. However, unbeknownst to all, he has a bigger plan in place. 

The rebellious Prince/Princess

Someone has to stir up the status quo in the Kingdom, and who better than the rebellious Prince/Princess to do it? They are tired of their privileged life and genuinely care about their people, to the point where they can be a little idealistic. 

The second male/female lead who will do anything for love

You can't have a K-Drama without a painful love triangle, and as usual, someone's going to have to give their all for their love while watching them fall in love with someone else. However, these characters are usually sharp, skillful, and strategic nonetheless. To amp up the heartbreak factor, you'll have to choose from the list of Princes/Princesses for this one too!

The cunning politician/concubine conspiring behind the King/Queen's back

The primary force driving any narrative is the antagonist. Usually, in historical K-Dramas, courtiers and politicians of the State, as well as the royal concubines, are the ones cooking up conspiracies and rebellion against the King or the Queen, with their eyes on the throne. 

The love interest who makes the world seem not as bad

Love makes the world go round and in the world hundreds of years ago, it still had the same effect. The love interest is just as important as the mover of action in the drama and brings an emotional depth to the characters involved. Often, they're the only people who can bring rationality and hope to the table when everything else seems bleak and helpless.

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