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The twist to end all twists is here and it’s only the 4th episode: Vincenzo is well on its way to ‘Drama of the Year’


The 4th episode of 'Vincenzo' has aired and it has pulled the rug from under everyone’s feet with a shocking twist. While such twists might be expected in perhaps the 10th episode or even later, this revelation just 4 episodes in raises curiosity as to what else the drama might have in store for us in the upcoming episodes.


In the 4th episode of 'Vincenzo,' Hong Yu Chan, played by Yoo Jae Myung, is pronounced to have passed away in one of the first shocks of the episode. Following the same, Hong Cha Young, played by Jeon Yeo Bin, pledges her allegiance to the good side by taking over Jipuragi Law Firm in alliance with Vincenzo, played by Song Joong Ki. Vincenzo deters her from seeking the truth, much like he asked her father to steer clear of Babel, but Cha Young is determined beyond belief. She resigns at once from Wusang when she finds out about the connection between “RDU” and her father and their eventual tragic demise. 

Jang Joon Woo, played by Ok Taecyeon, tries his hardest to make her stay, but she walks away without ever looking back. Vincenzo is quick to deduct that the tragedy was no “freak accident” but rather a calculated move and a cold-blooded murder. Through a series of events, including Vincenzo retaliating on an impulse by stabbing CEO Jang's (Kwak Dong Yeon) pillow with syringes, visiting the driver of the truck that hit them, and throwing him to the wolves after eliciting his confession and further finding out the source of the murder, Lawyer Choi (Kim Yeo Jin), cornering her into admission, Vincenzo, Cha Young, Nam Joo Sung (played by Yoon Byung Hee) and a group of people who Lawyer Yu Chan had helped, take on Babel head first, burning down their supply warehouse to the ground. 

While all of this happens quickly and is indeed, incredibly satisfying, the true shock comes when CEO Jang comes to the scene of the arson. Followed by his hyungnim, the mysterious figure who is the real master of puppets behind Babel. The twist that follows was perhaps foreseeable but nonetheless unexpected as Ok Taecyeon's character Jang Joon Woo, the same flower-boy intern who followed Cha Young around, shows himself as the real head of Babel, true evil incarnate. The most impressive here, however, was how Taecyeon's facial expression, especially how his eyes changed under the spark of the fire. He has completely embodied his role as the main villain, and this transformation makes him all the more formidable. His range and versatility are on full display and it will certainly be interesting to see how the upcoming episodes allow things to transpire. 

Another important thing to note here is how Cha Young removes her mask when they reach Babel's supply warehouse, exposing her face entirely at the scene of the "crime." Will this eventually lead to incriminating evidence against her, or was Vincenzo careful enough about surveillance cameras while they were there? We're eager to find out on the next episode of 'Vincenzo,' only on Netflix!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

my jaw dropped


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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Vincent's character is supposed to be tongue in cheek. He is supposed to look South Korean and culturally be Italian. His ignorance of Korean culture, starts a journey to find his true self. This is a dark comedy, not a serious mafia story. Its right on track for lots of high jinx and revenge. I have not liked Song JoongKi recent acting or series choices, but this one has the potential of surprise and edge of your seat suspense. I'm going the distance. I've already laughed out loud, so I'm looking for surprise.



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