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"It's because they're from Korea," How Korean netizens are reacting to BTS not winning at the Grammys


The '63rd Grammy Awards' took place this past Sunday, March 14 at 8 PM EST, which aired live via CBS and through Mnet in Korea. BTS made history as the first-ever Korean artist not only to perform at the ceremony but to be nominated for an award - Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Unfortunately, BTS lost the award to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's "Rain on Me." Despite not receiving an award at the Grammy Awards, many Koreans are proud that BTS was able to perform and become nominated in one of the most renowned music award show in the United States.

BTS first appeared at the Grammy Awards as a presenter in 2019, and last year, they were able to perform on stage with rapper Lil Nas X. BTS was able to win awards at the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards; hence, Korean netizens were more disappointed with the group not winning the award at the Grammy.

Korean netizens responded in various ways expressing their disappointment. Netizens commented, "I don't understand why BTS didn't will the award for Best Duo/ Group. They had better results than Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. I think they're racist," "It's true, it's because BTS is from Korea, so they didn't get the win," "I'm very disappointed but still, BTS did very well," "I feel the Grammy awards just used the group to get attention and clout," "The award show is rigged, BTS did so much better, the song was on Billboard HOT 100's number 1 longer than Lady Gaga," "I guess racism still affects their music market in America," and "Everyone, it's amazing enough they were nominated for the Grammys. I'm not an ARMY but I know that the group will win the award one day."

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26 days ago

Why do ARMYs constantly search validation by these american

institution? KPOP as global as it is it will never be the american

industry. And definetely going on twitter and insulting random artists

for no reason doesn't make us look good. Just look at the

video where BTS is waiting for the winner to be announced. They are

laughing and joking with each other. Are they disappointed? SURE. But

it's not like they needed the grammy validation anyway and they know it.

Imagine being one of the biggest fandoms in the world and still acting

like every award has to be won by BTS.


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lolzzzz1,208 pts 26 days ago 5
26 days ago

well first of all just cuz they are bts doesnt mean they will win every award. its not like lady gaga and ariana grande are nobodies that you could just walk over. secondly yes, bts (and kpop in general) is just used for clout. just western kpop fans are so dumb to see that. they know kpop fans are heavily into social media so by using kpop they can get more money and/or fame. also for the "diversity" thing that is taking over, they are forced to do so.


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