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Former AOA member Mina posts mysterious message about false accusations


Former AOA member Mina posted a mysterious message about false accusations.

On March 25, Mina made the below post on her thoughts on the movie 'The Mauritanian'. She expressed, "The reality is that anyone can be unfairly made into the perpetrator and experience all sorts of pain, while the real perpetrator does not receive any sort of punishment. I enjoyed watching this movie and felt a lot of things through it but?"

'The Mauritanian' is about an accused man who spends a year in a detention center before his first trial and his attorney who uncovers the conspiracy that led to his detention. Netizens are now speculating about what Mina could be referring to as she recently opened up about a famous celebrity who sexually assaulted her in middle school. 

In other news, Mina made headlines for lashing out at a netizen who demanded former AOA member Jimin bullied her.

What do you think about Mina's post?

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kdramaaddict22182 pts 18 days ago 17
18 days ago

You know with all the bullying accusations going on like the Soojin one, where everyone is demanding evidence from the victims and the rookie actress. I started thinking about what evidence did Mina really put out because the therapist note thing isn’t really evidence because they just write down what you tell them. Even now, it’s her words against AOA’s even though she claims that she has evidence. I would love to hear from the other girls in the group but from what I remember I think their company said they weren’t going to let the other girls speak up about it. I doubt they’re going to let them speak up knowing Mina will probably put her life on the life like she did last time. That was extremely manipulative in my opinion but yeah, that’s just me I guess. I’m really starting to pity the other girls in the group (excluding jimin)l


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lacreme-75 pts 18 days ago 3
18 days ago

She has become an attention whore. I sympathize with her but she has become annoying. Enough of your constant drama on social media


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