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Actress Seo Shin Ae speaks up regarding her time attending middle school with (G)I-DLE's Soojin


On March 26, after nearly a month of silence, child actress Seo Shin Ae has finally spoken up regarding her time attending Wawoo Middle School with (G)I-DLE's Soojin.

The actress wrote:

"Hello, I am actress Seo Shin Ae.

About 10 years ago, I was a young, courage-less person. However, because I felt that if I let my fears and my hesitation dictate me I would be very disappointed in myself and regret my actions in the future, and so I have decided to muster up my courage now.

I worked in the entertainment industry from an early age, but in school I was an ordinary student just like everyone else. In middle school, I moved to a new school during the first semester of my second year, where I did my best to get along with my classmates. 

The individual who spoke of me always mocked and cursed at me for 2 years with her 'group' on the way to school, during breaks in the hallways, in the cafeteria, everyday, everywhere, saying, 'She's not even pretty so how is she a celebrity?', 'Her fame is already a thing of the past', 'No wonder she's an outcast', 'I don't know why the teachers always treat her so specially', repeatedly harassing me verbally. Sure, it could just have been ignorant youth and jealousy, and they could have uttered those words without any second thought. But those words are still deeply ingrained in my heart as scars until today. The scars that accumulated back then have become a large bruise, and I eventually grew to fear people. Those fears then grew into trauma, changing me into an introvert and hindering my advancement into high school.

As a result of those experiences, I learned that mental and emotional abuse can have a lasting effect on a person, just as much as physical abuse can. 

The individual says that they do not remember, and they never spoke with me, and this is true. It was entirely one-sided verbal harassment. The individual continues to deny that they ever said those words full of scorn behind my back, which I find unfortunate. 

I don't know what sort of 'evidence' or 'witness testimonies' they claim to have, but I question whether that individual's selective memory is truth enough capable of covering everything up. 

If you are currently struggling with school violence, please have courage and ask for help from those around you. I was not able to at the time, and I believed that I would heal with time, but I soon learned that it was not so. 

I am apologetic for the fact that I caused many people concern and worry through this incident. From now on, I want to greet you with activities as an actress, not through such personal issues. I hope that you will all be happy in the coming month of April, and I hope that you will continue to endure these tough times of the COVID19 pandemic. 

Thank you."

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yoyo2813,704 pts Thursday, March 25, 2021 40
Thursday, March 25, 2021

Well...this was the final nail in the coffin to Soojin's career. If CUBE wants to salvage G-idle at all they need to cut ties with Soojin as soon as possible.


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Napier1916291 pts Thursday, March 25, 2021 45
Thursday, March 25, 2021

Welp, this sucks......

But why in the world would Soojin encourage SSA to come out with a statement if Soojin knew it would blow up in her face? In no way am I saying I don't believe SSA, but did Soojin really expect SSA to just not say anything at all (when SSA has been posting cryptic stuff on her social media)? Seems super careless on Soojin's part. Maybe she got bad advice from Cube and/or her lawyers......like maybe they told her SSA would be too scared to say anything because of the offensive they went on last week?


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