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One in every 529 people in South Korea make a profit from YouTube videos, one of the highest ratios in the world


According to 'Playboard' on February 13, South Korea is home to 97,934 YouTubers who make a profit from their videos. This means one out of every 529 people make a profit from YouTube, in a population of 51.78 million. 

A YouTuber who is categorized as able to select ads for profit within their videos is someone who has over 1,000 subscribers, and their videos amount to approximately 4,000 hours per year. 

Compared to South Korea, in the United States, one in every 666 people make a profit from YouTube videos. The United States is home to 496,379 total YouTubers who make a profit from their videos, in a population of over 331 million. 

In India, one in every 3,633 people make a profit from YouTube videos. In Brazil, the ratio is one in every 892 people, and in Japan, the ratio is one in every 815 people. 

It was also noted that the few nations whose ratios were recorded as higher than South Korea were either small island nations or microstates with much smaller populations, such as the Virgin Islands or Andorra. 

For South Korea, this also means that the YouTube market has become a fiercely competitive red ocean, more so than ever in history. In 2019, "YouTuber" was the 3rd most-preferred profession listed by elementary school children. On the other hand, a Korea Communications Commission survey conducted last year also determined that 92.6% of people voted for "YouTubers and Contents Creators" as having the most negative influence  on children and education. 

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Tenshin1,325 pts Saturday, February 13, 2021 2
Saturday, February 13, 2021

They make profit through youtube but the most interesting question is how much the average youtuber earns monthly by different countries?


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hiroonakamura4,124 pts Saturday, February 13, 2021 0
Saturday, February 13, 2021
this article is so badly worded! making a profit means that you are earning more money than it costs to make the videos. Just because youtube let's you monetize the videos does NOT mean that you are making a profit.

this article is talking about how many are allowed to monetize their video, not how many are making a profit... allkpop, please don't lie to your reader!


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