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Fans discover pre-debut footage of STAYC's Isa attending HyunA's fansign event


Fans have discovered a rare footage of Isa attending HyunA's fansign in the past.

Recently, a fan took to a community forum to share pre-debut photos of STAYC's Isa. In the image. Captured in a fancam, pre-debut Isa is seen in the photos taking a cute selfie with HyunA. It's been said that Isa is a huge fan of HyunA, and now the netizens have confirmed that those words were indeed genuine.

Some netizens wrote, "She didn't say those words just to be polite -- she was a TRUE fan!", "Wow...does HyunA know? The fact that her fan debuted...", "HyunA is so sweet! Look at this message":

(On her own album, HyunA wrote for Isa: "Unnie will support you too, fighting! Let's see each other in Seoul~")

The sweet interactions between the two female idols are making netizens feel all "mushy" inside. Other reactions include:

"Daebak...look at how HyunA said they should meet again in Seoul...Please hang out, you two!"

"Isa was soooo gorgeous back then even as a non-celeb! This is so sweet"

"I'm sure Isa learned a lot by watching HyunA's stages pre-debut"

"I hope their promotions overlap soon!"

"My two faves!"

In other news, STAYC made their debut last November, and HyunA is currently getting ready for her comeback.

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Bangtan_Bee194 pts Sunday, January 17, 2021 0
Sunday, January 17, 2021

She's always so good and friendly with her fans ~



princesspop799 pts Sunday, January 17, 2021 0
Sunday, January 17, 2021

ISA best Vocalist



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