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CJ ENM claims that there are no illegalities involved in cutting business relations with n.CH Entertainment + TOO's management issue still up in the air


A representative of CJ ENM spoke with media outlets on January 13 to address recently raised allegations of unfair treatment toward n.CH Entertainment, the former management agency of rookie boy group TOO

Earlier on this day, it was reported that CJ ENM had abruptly ordered n.CH Entertainment to halt all management activities involving TOO. Ever since 2018, during the initial planning stages of the Mnet survival show 'World Klass' which selected the members of TOO, n.CH Entertainment has been involved as a partner with CJ ENM and its subsidiary Stone Music Entertainment. However, now n.CH Entertainment has been forced to pull out of all matters regarding TOO without room for settlements or disputes. 

According to a CJ ENM rep, there are no illegalities present in this abrupt cutting of business ties. The rep revealed, "n.CH Entertainment has carried out management and PR duties related to TOO up until August of last year. After this co-management contract ended, CJ ENM and n.CH Entertainment attempted to reach a settlement on the matter during a 3-month period, but ultimately reached no settlements. n.CH Entertainment wished to continue negotiations for co-management, but in the end, it was decided that they would halt involvement in TOO's promotions."

The CJ ENM rep continued, "The management of TOO over the course of 7-years is an issue which requires a multifaceted approach. After consideration from various aspects, we've reached the conclusion that it would be in our best interest not to renew the co-management and PR contract with n.CH Entertainment. There are no contract violations or document illegalities involved. We do not owe n.CH Entertainment any pay. It may be that they feel attached to TOO as they worked with the group since the beginning of 'World Klass', but there's no getting around the fact that the co-management contract has ended."

Finally, the rep discussed the future of the rookie group TOO. "As of now, there is nothing confirmed regarding TOO's management plans for the future. That decision will wait until this current issue is resolved. We will do our best to take care of these issues so that TOO can resume promotions," CJ ENM relayed. 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Mnet should stay away from idol shows, they never learn.



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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Are they dumb? For a company to come out of their way and say that they won't ask for any money till the group makes profit just shows how close the staff and the members are... Like this will cause them huge mental stress... When do companies realize that idols aren't robots... They are literally children or teenagers in most cases... Treat them with more care😑



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