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The chart announcing the top 100 most searched K-Pop idols on Google Worldwide sparks debate online


The chart revealing the top 100 most searched idols on Google Worldwide sparked debate online. 

On December 26th, an online post gained attention for posting a chart revealing the top 100  most searched idols on Google Worldwide in 2020. As you can see from the chart below, popular artists such as BTS, BLACKPINK, and IU topped the chart. While the majority of the comments were celebrating idols who placed their names on the chart, some netizens sparked debate over the validity and purpose of the data. 

As a result, the post ended up having more than 1900 comments to date. Some of the comments include: "Can you stop insisting that the chart is rigged lol hop over to Google and run a search, see for yourself."

"lol Google database is way more credible than those individual brand rankings or whatever"

"Can we just appreciate the beauty of data? This chart or rankings doesn't necessarily reflect individual popularity."

"All members of BTS are within the top 10. Why some of you have to make it about a specific member?"

"This is not an official announcement from Google. I repeat, this is not official"

"^Doesn't matter lol This is  an opensource data which means everyone can see their results using the same search queries" 

"Some of these comments sucked the life out of me. Rip"

What do you think? Congratulations to Jungkook for topping the chart! 

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20 days ago

Some people takes these things so seriously.... But it's mostly the solo fans that want their fav to be number 1. This is all based on numbers and data so theres no point in arguing....



yvangelica4,644 pts 20 days ago 3
20 days ago

I think this is totally Fair.. We all know that BTS is he must popular kpop group, being Blackpink the second....

I am actually quite happy to see people still remember our Jonghyun! He was an amazing artists!!


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