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Netizens relieved + impressed with how a mother handled her daughter stealing money from her father's wallet to buy BTS goods


An anonymous post on an online community recently became a hot topic of debate. The post was titled, "What should I do about the BTS goods in my daughter's room." 

The online user shared, 

"Hello. I'm a mother in my mid-thirties, with a daughter who is in her third year of middle school, about to become a high schooler. Yesterday, she had a huge fight with her dad, and he said to throw out all of the BTS goods in her room so for now I've rounded them up. But it was really the first time I've seen my daughter get so riled up, screaming...

The reason for it was that she took money from his wallet. She used the tutoring school fees for BTS goods, and she says she also took the wallet money for BTS goods... I was also known to have been a white balloon waver in my days, as an H.O.T fan, so I do understand how she feels, but my husband says that actions like stealing tutoring school fees and stealing wallet money needs to be punished strictly...

For now, I have [the goods] rounded up in a box. She really did buy a lot of goods...... What should I do about this. My husband keeps telling me to throw it away, but I've set it aside as of now."

Some of the most upvoted comments under this post included:

"The moment you throw those away, you are crossing a river you can't turn back from. The biggest priority is trying to receive some counseling, and to address her habit somehow. The dad is also just acting out of anger. If the relationship between the child and the parents goes horribly wrong after you throw those goods away, that is the parents' fault."

"If the goods were bought fairly with allowance, that would be understandable but to steal from a wallet and from tuition? No. That needs to be punished. If you leave it as is, then even when they grow older, they'll turn to someone else's wallet, the parents' bank account again to buy expensive things. I know someone who was obsessed about a celebrity when she younger, and she also took money from her parents, but the parents just let her be, calling it off as puberty. When she grew older, she wanted to get plastic surgery so she sneaked her parents' insurance money. She got caught later and she screamed at them that she was leaving the house, and tried to run off with the bank balances."

"No matter what, stealing should now be allowed. Please talk with your daughter. If she is able to change after a proper punishment, then you can return the goods but you can't give them back to her without taking measures."

Some time later, the anonymous user appeared again on the online community with a new post. She shared that she had read many of the comments and suggestions:

"Like I said, I was also a big H.O.T fan once, buying everything from book desks to journals, collecting all of the goods there were and making scrapbooks out of magazine pages hehe. So I understand my daughter. 

Of course, there's the fact that she got caught trying to steal from the wallet, and we would not have known about the tutoring school fees if the school hadn't called us... And wow, there's so much more that she told us was for school, that she kept getting away with here and there...

But she's not a bad child at heart. 

She has never caused this kind of ruckus until now, and we were always proud of her because she does keep up in school. Maybe after elementary school, since there weren't as many opportunities to spend time with her parents as she entered middle school and she mostly hung out with her friends, our relationship has worsened... maybe we didn't talk enough...

All in all, I had a talk with her at night.

I understand where you're coming from. At that age, friends are very important and BTS is also very important. 
Mom was just like you. When I was your age, I loved Kangta oppa so much kekeke.
But Kangta oppa gets old too kekeke.
But I still cried watching [H.O.T's] reunion stage, and I was happy.
Your dad was also a huge fan of Jang Na Ra when he was young.
Still, I think if you really want something, you need to obtain it by fair means.
Since the BTS goods are worth quite a lot, I will hold onto them for the time being.

And then she cried and told me okay.

So, in conclusion, thank you all for your comments~"

Many netizens agreed that the mother's response was the right thing to do, and that they wished the daughter would realize her wrongdoings and come around. What do you think of the story?

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sshreyaa3,997 pts Saturday, December 5, 2020 1
Saturday, December 5, 2020

She should study hard, earn her own money and buy as much BTS GOODS as she wants. This is my plan after finishing studies properly. She should be given a strict warning cause this stealing can become a habit afterwards.


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bast_rd2,322 pts Saturday, December 5, 2020 0
Saturday, December 5, 2020

Keep it and give it back to her once she pays back the money, in my opinion - and probably with "interest" given she used stolen money in the first place. She also needs to be sat down and spoken to. I don't thinking throwing away these things would necessitate counselling for the girl (although it may because some people become really obsessive) but I have a feeling throwing everything away wouldn't teach her a lesson. Sometimes children and young teens get so angry about the response to something they did wrong that they can't even see past their anger to learn the lesson that the parent way trying to teach. Although that being said, if she stole again, I would 110% throw everything out.



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