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J-Pop group Arashi's lyrics video under fire for possibly plaigiarizing DAY6's lyrics video for 'Zombie'


A J-Pop group is being accused of plagiarizing one of DAY6's music videos.

Recently, Korean netizens have been taking to online communities and social media services to point out the suspicious similarities between the lyrics videos for DAY6's "Zombie" and Arashi's "Face Down: Reborn." As "Zombie" was released a month before "Face Down: Reborn," which has led many to conclude that Arashi had plagiarized from DAY6.

The "Zombie" lyric music video was produced in an animated way that lists the character's thoughts in his heads, and the "Face Down: Ribbon" lyric music video had many similarities, including the same way illustrative style featuring similar colored backgrounds and characters.

Director 'A,' who produced the "Zombie" lyric music video, addressed the issue on Instagram, writing, "I have to say this is an honor. It's a video that I made with lots of love."

In a later interview, 'A' also expressed regret, stating, "I understand this is an era where 100% original creations cannot be made, but it's true that we have to comfort ourselves by saying, 'We made it well and even Japanese national idols followed us.'"

Netizens, however, have criticized Arashi's alleged plagiarism, leaving comments such as, "Even with copying, the quality is a lot worse" and "Don't they have any shame?". Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment and Arashi's label J Storm have both yet to make statements on the matter.

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Haaa365 pts Monday, December 14, 2020 2
Monday, December 14, 2020

I've seen kpop copied arashi popcorn concert concept but I don't see j&e or jpop fans make it big issue. It's not right to plagiarism but everyone know the lyric video was inspired by many, many others lyric video. It look much the same with the colour scheme. Btw the music video only 1 month apart and arashi planning released reborn since last year so you don't know and confirm it was plagiarism or inspiration.


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drrjm76 pts Monday, December 14, 2020 0
Monday, December 14, 2020

Come on! People have been getting ideas here and there. Toxic KPOP fans will be hating JPOP artists because of this article, particularly a group this big (ARASHI). Can ALLKPOP writers write an article that’ll not start any fan wars?! Coz there are certain KPOP fandoms who are so active in that area.



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