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Posted by Susan-Han Saturday, December 12, 2020

Fans warn fellow netizens to be careful of TREASURE's trickery


Fans are warning their fellow netizens to be careful of YG Entertainment's rookie boy group TREASURE!

As more and more netizens are showing an interest in 2020's hottest male 'Rookie of the Year', some fans who have some experience dealing with the boys since their 'YG Treasure Box' days are warning fans:

"Don't be tricked by their outer appearances, especially what you see on stage. Once you start watching 'Treasure Map', it's complete chaos. The ones who look like bullies are squishy crybabies and the ones who look squishy are the real bosses..." 

Some of the "tricks" that TREASURE have played on their fans so far:

1. Jungwoo - looks like the toughest kid in town and one of the oldest, but in reality he's a crybaby and still a high schooler.

Junkyu: "Wow we look like students today."

Jungwoo: "But I'm actually still a student..."

2. Yoshi - savage main rapper on stage, but in reality, a pure and innocent fluff ball.

3. Jihoon - baby-faced, sometimes mistaken as maknae-line at first glance. In reality, he's everyone's dad and a Busan tough guy with hard muscle.

4. Asahi - at first place, a visual genius right out of a youth romance drama. In reality, a nut case(?).

5. Haruto - looks like someone you don't wanna piss off, but in reality he's a scaredy-cat and a sweetie pie.

6. Hyunsuk - at first glance, a tough rapper full of swag. In reality, he's another scaredy-cat who's always getting pushed around by the dongsaengs.

7. Doyoung - At first glance, a squishy ball of fluff. In reality, he's really strong physically and has strongest mentality in TREASURE.

What are some other "tricks" to watch out for when it comes to the members of TREASURE?

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afsaana150 pts Saturday, December 12, 2020 1
Saturday, December 12, 2020

What the fuck is up with this headline?


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brideofchani7,148 pts Saturday, December 12, 2020 1
Saturday, December 12, 2020

???? what "Trickery" they all look like squishy babies


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