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Netizens in awe after seeing a compilation of programs offered to Cube Entertainment trainees


Netizens are talking about the alleged benefits of being a Cube Entertainment trainee.

On an online community forum, a netizen shared a list of programs offered by the company to their idol trainees. From music lessons to various fitness programs, the care system seemed to be an ideal package for anyone interested in the entertainment field! 

Upon seeing the list, some netizens commented, "I'd pay to be a Cube Entertainment trainee", "Honestly, this is like a top-class private school type of education", "Can I attend Cube as a paying student?", "I want to be their trainee for one year at least, pleaseeee".

Check out the compilation below!

-Cube Entertainment trainees begin at 9am if they are adults, right after school if they are students, and end their day at 10pm. (official, according to BTOB's Eunkwang)

-They must turn in their cellphones as soon as they enter.

-They must record in their practice diary every day and have it checked.

1. Cube Language School (if they are foreigners)

-a native Korean speaker teaches you Korean (according to (G)I-DLE's Minnie, they start by learning about occupations, such as 'firefighter')

-you get tested every week

-no matter what, you must speak Korean when inside the company building

-they have periodic conversational meetings where non-native speakers practice Korean together

2. Vocal lessons

3. Dance

4. Rap

 -you must take these lessons even before getting a 'rap position' as a pre-debut trainee

5. Songwriting, lyric-writing, and producing / MIDI lessons

-talented trainees receive extra care

6. Japanese and Chinese languages

7. Lessons on character (personality)

-not simply a lesson on morals but about encouraging the trainees to think seriously about their future goals

8. Manners

-general manners required for recording sessions, music programs, between seniors and juniors, etc.

9. Psychological counseling

10. Personality test

-to have trainees understand each other despite incompatibilities

11. Fashion lessons

-you are given a certain amount of money by the instructor to go out and shop for clothes

12. Instrument lessons

-piano, guitar, drums in order to help songwriting

13. Acting lessons

-as future idols or musical actor

14. Fitness lessons

-good posture and straight spine, etc.

15. Teamwork

 -trainees must be able to prepare a stage together

16. Showcase

-just like an actual concert, trainees must prepare a 2.5hr show and perform in front of 100-200 people

-according to one of the label artists, about 15 trainees on average get kicked out after each showcase

17. Volunteer work

18. Education on sex and drugs 

+After their debut, pilates and musical-specific lessons are offered to those who need them.

According to the post, another netizen had commented on a different forum, "Wow...I wish I could send my son to that label...1 year and he will have improved so much."

Other comments include:

"Wow..I'm so jealous. I wish my bias group had received that kind of training too"

"I don't have to debut...please just let me be their trainee.."

"This is so great and organize"

"They should build an academy lol"

Would you be interested in becoming a Cube Entertainment trainee, given these potential benefits?

  1. BTOB
  2. (G)I-DLE
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kanekilul226 pts Sunday, November 29, 2020 3
Sunday, November 29, 2020

Cube treats their trainees with better care than their idols *cough*Hyuna *cough*Edwan *cough*CLC


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testralia428 pts Sunday, November 29, 2020 0
Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sounds too good to be true, would be interesting to know how frequent some of these subjects are tought



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