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Netizens comment on the overcrowded streets of Itaewon for Halloween as COVID-19 cases are increasing


Korean netizens are critically responding to the gatherings held in Itaewon for Halloween.

On the night of October 31, more than a few citizens took to the streets of Itaewon to collectively celebrate this year's Halloween. Despite the warning signs, many ignored public safety measures as the streets became quickly overcrowded. Although the night clubs in the neighborhood were mostly closed, countless people took to bars and restaurants, lining up outside without maintaining social distancing rules.

Throughout the evening, it has been observed that no table was left empty inside the bars by around 9 PM. Hundreds had filled the streets, creating a human traffic among various picture-takers. 

An anonymous interviewee 'Cho' (22) said with a laughter, "I've been waiting for Halloween. There is no other festival that celebrates people taking to the streets and enjoying themselves with others. I'm scared of coronavirus, but I think we will all be okay if we just wear the masks and be careful."

Another anonymous interviewee said, "It's just once a year, so I wanted to enjoy the atmosphere for once. I'm trying to be careful."

To this phenomenon, the residents near Itaewon expressed their distress regarding the rise in COVID-19 cases. One resident 'Park' (30) shared, "It looks like there are about three or four times as many people than usual. If an issue resurges again in Itaewon, then our value will decrease for sure, and as residents, we would not be able to go out freely for our health reasons."

As expected, the number of new coronavirus cases hiked up to 127 in Korea, retaining its 3-digit figure since October 28. 

Netizens commented on this situation with remarks such as: 

"Those who were affected by going to Itaewon on the 30th and on the 31st need to pay for their own hospital fees, out of their own pocket."


"Sigh, just good take care of your grandparents, you fools"

"Honestly, those crazy people will probably try to have fun even if the world would be attacked by the zombies, or something. We're not criticizing those people for 'having fun' but for threatening the well-being of others. We should just put those people on some other island..."

"Careless and thoughtless"

"Ewwwww, just by looking at the photos it makes me nervous"

"They're gonna have to pay for this"

"Halloween? lol, don't you all even care about your parents? There's real hell for ya"

What do you think of this situation?


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AnonymousInsider1,226 pts Sunday, November 1, 2020 0
Sunday, November 1, 2020

I get needing to get out and Halloween provides a reason, but come on people. Small gathering. Grab a friend or two and hang out. Have a small get together at one of your homes... health and safety first.



trogdorthe8th10,189 pts Sunday, November 1, 2020 0
Sunday, November 1, 2020

They say they only get this holiday once a year, and don't realize the irony that for some people, all it took was one exposure from Covid before losing their lives. Why risk their health and the health of others? Disgusting.



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