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[ALBUM & MV REVIEW] STAYC - 'Star To A Young Culture'


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STAYC is High Up Entertainment's latest girl group who debuted just a couple of days ago! The group released their 2-song debut EP, Star To A Young Culture, which, you guessed it - is what their group's name means. This rookie group is ready to hit the scene running as their debut garnered a lot of attention from fans worldwide.

The group's title track is "SO BAD." I think it's risky to call your title song "SO BAD" upon a debut, but the song is bubbly and in your face in such a way that it is impossible to ignore. The song has a bit of a shaky start but picks up by the time the bridge comes around. However, the song's frenetic energy does detract a little bit by making the listener feel a little bit manic. However, I can see the appeal of the song is rather similar to LOONA's "Hi High."

"LIKE THIS" begins with the sound of birds chirping in the intro, but suddenly a drop with an autotuned "like this!" vocal makes the song feel like it's out of the mid-2000s rather than the debut of a new group in 2020. The chorus is a bit corny in this song, and the manipulated voice saying 'like this!" detracts a bit. I think I would have preferred the non-manipulated voice of one of the members there.


I wasn't sure what to expect with STAYC's MV for "SO BAD." The group is insanely beautiful, and there's no doubt about it. Every member is beyond gorgeous, but the video's not-so-great green screen set is a bit distracting. I think that the group, as a rookie group, is making the most out of what they have and are doing a great job in the MV. Some scenes and outfits feel a little disconnected, but despite their efforts, the video receives a fairly average score in my eyes.


MV Relevance…..7

MV Production…..6

MV Concept……..6

MV Score: 6.3

Album Production…...7

Album Concept……...7


Album Score: 7

Overall: 6.67

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yaya2022,562 pts 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

Not perfect but still better than aespa... Well i think ITZY first debut is still the best ...



JayJay199 pts 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

Classical kpop cute morning song. Why not? (:



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