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VANK files an international petition requesting Chinese netizens to stop harassing Lee Hyori


The Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (hereinafter VANK) launched a global campaign against cyber-bullying targeting Lee Hyori as Chinese netizens continue to harass the singer.

VANK has recently filed an international petition titled, "Stop Chauvinism, Quit Cyber Lynching!". VANK has filed this international petition in order to stand against the online harassment through hundreds and thousands of malicious comments against the Korean singer. The organization criticized that the Chinese netizens are indiscriminately lynching a Korean celebrity. VANK is encouraging internet users across the world to sign a global petition through the web address (maywespeak.com/lynch).

VANK stated, "We stand against chauvinism, which uses the excuse of nationalism to interpret another individual's expression to be villainous in turn attacking that person in the most vicious and aggressive manner."

The organization continued to state, "If we remain silent, this will not stop as a simple happening. It will repeat in the future. Please voice your opposition to this excessive nationalism and the distortion of the definition of freedom of expression."

VANK also requested the United Nations (UN) and UNESCO to establish guidelines and regulations for international cyberattacks in concern over the cyber-bullying based on Chinese nationalism.

The organization is also creating digital posters with the same message and are spreading it throughout the web. The poster delivers a message that cyberbullying is as scary as a weapon used in war. As of September 4th, there have been more than 10,000 netizens who have pressed the 'like' button on the poster that has been posted on social media.

Many malicious comments have been left on Lee Hyori's social media account after the singer made a remark on the MBC's program 'Hang Out With Yoo'.

In one of the episodes, Lee Hyori suggested a stage name "Mao" as she stated, "Since we might go global, should we do a Chinese name. How about Mao?"

In response to this, many Chinese netizens have left more than 230,000 malicious comments on the singer's social media stating she has made fun of "a great figure from China, Mao Zedong".

The production team of 'Hang Out With Yoo' has deleted the video and explained Lee Hyori had no ill-intent in her words. Since then, Lee Hyori announced she will be closing her social media account.

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Fanboy_here543 pts Friday, September 4, 2020 4
Friday, September 4, 2020

Those Chinese citizens are ridiculous. The way they overreacted and they attack anyone that have a different opinion than them. Even people who dont support the one China get attacked for having different opinion the way they jump on them and leave nasty comments. I remember one thai actor's gf support Taiwan or said Taiwan girl they attacked her and tried hard to ruin the actor's career they keep saying he should apologize even tho he and his gf did nothing they didn't even say anything about China their arguments looked rather ridiculous and delusional . They should protest against their shitty gov instead, their gov is dictatorial they threatened the doctor who tried to warn them about covid, free speech dont exist, they are homophobic they ban gay content, torture muslims, they want forcefully to include Taiwan and Hongkong and they ban socialmedia those citizens use VNP to communicate and yet they mass harass everyone that they don't like.


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k_kid7,656 pts Friday, September 4, 2020 0
Friday, September 4, 2020

This is just overreacting. Getting mad over something like this.



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