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Netizens discuss why it's better for underage celebrities not to attend school


Netizens discussed why it might be better for underage celebrities to stay away from school.

On a popular online community forum, a netizen shared a post entitled 'I understand why underage celebrities don't go to school'. The post, which featured the two actresses Kim Sae Ron and Park Bo Young, discussed how both celebrities were victims of severe bullying at school, immediately after turning famous.

"When she was in school, Kim Sae Ron became a famous actress after filming the movie 'The Man From Nowhere'. When she returned to school, her desk was covered with curse words. Her shoes were stolen from the shoe racks," wrote the netizen.

Park Bo Young's debut days as a young actress also reflected a similar case: "When she blew up as a celebrity after the movie 'Scandal Makers', she went back to school and found her desk drawer full of trash."

In light of such bullying, the majority of the netizens agreed that it is indeed better for young celebrities to refrain from attending school. Other netizens shared examples of how young idols and actresses suffered from bullying and receiving unwanted attention at school.

Some comments include:

"People from their old schools also make up stories of the celebrities bullying others"

"My friend lived in the same district as Kim Sae Ron, and she told me that curse words against the actress were written across swings and slides at the local park. Bathroom walls and doors... On social media, it was the worst, as you would all know. Even at restaurants."

"It seems that young female celebrities are often the victims"

"Wouldn't it be more normal to want to be friends with those celebrities? How evil!"

"When Taemin used to attend middle school, other students would surround him and look at him like a zoo animal (not the kind of flattering attention but a derisive one)...they were probably jealous because another person of the same age already had a stable career and all the popularity"

"Kim Yoo Jung was also bullied a lot. People would start fights with her for no reason"

"Taeyeon, IU, Yeri, and now Jang Won Young...every generation suffers from underage bullying"

"Even trainees would be bullied"

"I'm worried that perhaps Oh My Girl's Arin was also bullied..."

"Former IOI members were also harshly treated!"

Do you agree that it would be better for young celebrities not to attend school?


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Haaa301 pts Sunday, September 13, 2020 0
Sunday, September 13, 2020

Not attend school is not the problem solver but they way they handle bully. It the easiest way to handle by stoping celebrity don't go to school but it doesn't stop bullying. This only restrict celebrity to get a normal life. Don't they think this behaviour they do to celebrity it can be also happen to non celebrity. Once they find someone strange they will start bullying. They need change this bully behaviour thinking than cut someone from going to school



borahae6,767 pts Sunday, September 13, 2020 2
Sunday, September 13, 2020

I wish parents had a thought to educate their children on how to act around their celeb peers. all they needed to say is "just act like you did before, this is the same person. treat them the way you want to be treated". at that age person is not capable of proper judgement and just follows one bad influence. so instead of ruining young celeb's social life and taking them out of school, educate other kids on how to be decent human beings.


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