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J.Y. Park says he doesn't understand how Kim Tae Hee still has lovey-dovey eyes for Rain


Back on September 10, J.Y. Park appeared as a guest on Rain's very own YouTube series, 'Season B Season'. 

On this day, Rain decided to "kidnap"(?) J.Y. Park so the two of them could spend some time chatting. Rain then revealed that there was a gathering involving Rain and his wife Kim Tae Hee, and J.Y. Park and his wife recently. 

Here, J.Y. Park said, "To be honest, what really surprised me about your wife... I mean of course I love you, and your fans love you. But your wife was saying, 'How can such a great man exist in this world? How can such a great man be my husband?'. I honestly think, that your wife doesn't know any of your flaws. Really. Like, I know you're cool and respectable, I know our Ji Hoon is cool and charismatic. But admit it Ji Hoon, you're not the single absolute best man in this entire world, right? But she's like, 'This man is the best man in the world'. And I'm just like, 'This guy? What's she talking about?'."

Bursting out laughing, Rain tried to explain, "This may sound a little childish, but I think I just give her that much trust." Still, J.Y. Park didn't seem to buy the explanation and responded, "Hmm..."

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14 days ago

Rain is just a good man. People who don't invest in the relationship as Rain does, won't ever understand WHY their partner are so perfect in their eyes.



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13 days ago

I love the relationship dynamics between JYP and all his old artists. He's like a cool dad 👏👏👏 this proves that agencies can be that good to their artists. Cough pledis cough. Please take notes



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