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Former idol Kim Woojin's agency 10X Entertainment interviews 'Teen Vogue' in response to recent sexual harassment accusations


On September 11, U.S. media outlet 'Teen Vogue' exclusive reported an interview with a representative from 10X Entertainment - a new management agency which recently signed former K-Pop idol Kim Woojin

In this report, 'Teen Vogue' reference two separate accounts of sexual harassment and sexual assault accusations raised against former idol Kim Woojin via anonymous Twitter posts. The anonymous users claimed that Kim Woojin attempted to make inappropriate advances on them, one user posting alleged proof in the form of a photo of a whiskey bottle, which they stated Kim Woojin bought for them. 

Afterward, Kim Woojin spoke up via his personal Instagram to deny all accusations, also warning legal action. Soon after Kim Woojin's post, his alleged agency 10X Entertainment also warned legal action against the ongoing rumors via a newly created Twitter account. 

Now, 'Teen Vogue' has reported that 10X Entertainment has been looking into the accusations seriously. The company claims that the "proof photo" posted by one of the anonymous users was a photo found online, posted on a different individual's SNS. Furthermore, 'Teen Vogue' stated that 10X Entertainment provided documentation proving the company's business license in Korea, as a response to some netizens' accusations that the agency was a false company. 

Finally, according to 'Teen Vogue', 10X Entertainment told the media outlet, "...it is unlikely that a public incident of harassment by a recognizable idol would go unreported to local media, especially in a bar-type setting and if third parties had stepped in to help. 'In Korea, celebrities [often] make appearances on the next-day morning news because they had been reported to the police the night before for verbal or physical assaults while drinking.' They also deny that Woojin uses Stray Kids’s name as a means to draw attention to himself in any capacity, and that he “never mentions his previous team, publicly or privately'."

You can read 'Teen Vogue's full exclusive report here

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17 days ago

I hope whoever guilty get punished



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17 days ago

Okay........ anyways hope that the truth is revealed soon, and whoever is guilty get what they deserve. Because both harassment and lying about having been harassed are wrong.



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