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Netizens compare the sailor suits of SM and Big Hit


Male idol groups promote various concepts as they try out different looks with each album. One of the most beloved concepts that idol groups try is the uniform look. Among the uniforms, the sailor look is one of netizens' and fans' favorites.

Recently, a netizen posted on an online community two idol groups' sailor outfits from two different companies - Big Hit Entertainment and SM Entertainment. The netizen posted various photos of SM Entertainment's NCT Dream and Big Hit Entertainment's TXT.

Although the two groups both wore sailor uniform outfits, they gave off a very different vibe.

NCT Dream


via Gfycat

Netizens agreed that the two groups did wear the same sailor uniform but gave off a different vibe. NCT Dream's uniform was closer to a stage costume with detailed accessories while TXT's uniform was simple and was closer to a school uniform. Netizens loved both uniforms as some leaned towards the latter.

Netizens' Commented:

"The first style seems very fitting for stage performance while the second style is like a school uniform. I like both of them but I think I like the second uniform more."

"Both of the uniforms are super cute."

"I like Big Hit's uniform but I wish they don't give them the knee-high socks. lol."

"SM is more shiny and summery feel. I think they accented the costume with accessories. For Big Hit, it's clean-cut more like a uniform. I like both because of the different vibe."

"I like Big Hit's uniform more. But I think Mark suits the uniform so well."

"I think Big Hit is more sophisticated so I like TXT uniform more."

"I like SM because I like flamboyant style more. lol." 

"SM is like Peter Pan fairy style, and Big Hit is like a school uniform. I like them both."

  1. NCT Dream
  2. TXT
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Kpop_panda55143 pts Friday, August 28, 2020 0
Friday, August 28, 2020

Why does their need to be a comparison? They’re both cute as hell



xx-jenn-xx5,768 pts Friday, August 28, 2020 5
Friday, August 28, 2020

I think both of the groups wore it well in their own way and they look cute. I'm sure it's hard to pull of a concept and look unique but i think they did it. The only comparison i feel that needs to be done is just compare how well they each wore it. why make a competition of it?


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