Posted by haydn-an Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Media outlet reveals exclusive surveillance footage of Seulong's accident which killed a pedestrian


Recently, 2AM's Seulong has been involved in a fatal accident which resulted in the death of a pedestrian who was jaywalking.

The incident occurred at 11:50 PM on August 1st KST by the intersect near DMC station. There were surveillance cameras around the vicinity of the incident which recorded the white vehicle driven by Seulong hitting the pedestrian who was jaywalking.

On August 5th KST, media outlet Joongan Ilbo was able to obtain exclusive surveillance footage of the accident. According to the video, the 50-year-old pedestrian 'A' wearing black entered the street with an umbrella to cross on a red light. Just after 2 seconds of entering the street, a white SUV hits the man. The white SUV was driven by Seulong. Also, the man can be seen jumping up in an attempt to avoid the vehicle in the surveillance footage.

According to the police, Mr. A was crossing the street on a don't walk red signal. He was rushed to the hospital but had died. 

The Seoul Seobu police station stated, "We need to assess the exact circumstances of the accident in order to determine Mr. Seulong's responsibility and punishment."

The severity of the punishment will be determined by assessing the ratio of fault between the driver and pedestrian. They will determine if there was negligence in driving through the speed of the vehicle Seulong was driving with the combination of the circumstances at that moment.

Joongan Ilbo's Surveillance Footage:

  1. 2AM
  2. Seulong
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killthislove002,524 pts Wednesday, August 5, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The poor family of the deceased will have to keep thinking about the circumstances as it continues to be discussed by the media. This is a terrible accident and I feel bad for everyone involved.

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dancingbella234,036 pts Wednesday, August 5, 2020 8
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Please be careful while driving in the rain. It is incredibly hard to see and the roads are slippery, so sometimes it's hard to brake on time. Please also be careful crossing the streets in the rain, the driver may not be able to see you because of poor sight, so NEVER EVER jaywalk in the rain!!!

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