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Ji Chang Wook stops traffic and "social distancing" as he works at a convenience store for one day


A massive number of fans have gathered to a GS25 convenient store to see Ji Chang Wook.

On August 3rd KST, Ji Chang Wook showed up at a GS25 convenience store in Sinchon and welcomed customers at the counter as he worked at that convenience store for just one day.

The convenience store had announced on their social media page that Ji Chang Wook will be working at the counter for one day.

Just as they had announced it, Ji Chang Wook showed up at the counter wearing the convenience store uniform.

In just a few minutes after Ji Chang Wook started working, fans shared the news through social media and a massive number of people began to gather in front of the store.

So many people had gathered on the streets in an instant that there wasn't even room for traffic to pass.

Ji Chang Wook was scheduled to work in that convenience store until 6 PM that day but had to end the event early due to the number of people that had gathered and ended at 2:30 PM.

Many netizens had divided opinions about this incident. Some were ecstatic to see the actor working at a real convenience store while many worried about such a gathering of people because of the current COVID19 pandemic.

Netizens' commented:

"Man, why do they have such an event so that people can gather during this period with the virus."

"OMG, social distancing is gone."

"I mean, they can hold the event but why does the convenience store announce it on social media?"

"The country sends text warnings about the coronavirus pandemic every day...why would you plan this?"

"So many people gathered to see one person...man we're going to get corona again."

"I love Ji Chang Wook, don't blame him."

"Man, I wish he could've come to the convenience store near my house."

"Social distancing! Geez, these people!"

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iamdorathexplora822 pts Monday, August 3, 2020 1
Monday, August 3, 2020

Why would the co-worker post about this?

Couldn't they have waited to do this sometime after quarantine blows over?

It would have been better if it was a hidden camera prank.

So much for social distancing.


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jack-bean (Banned)2,286 pts Monday, August 3, 2020 13
Monday, August 3, 2020

That's pretty irresponsible.

Why is he doing this when coronavirus is still a thing?

Meanwhile female celebrities get hate for going to a party and here is a popular male actor intentionally gathering a public mob and he gets a pass.

That just goes to show the difference between how men and women are treated different in Korea.

Men are untouchable. Women are punching bags.

Do better, Korea.


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