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Posted by haydn-an Friday, July 31, 2020

India chooses Korean as the second language study for their students


On July 30th, the Indian government announced that they have chosen Korean as an official subject in the second language study for their students.

According to the Korean Cultural Center located in India, the Indian government announced a new education policy on July 30th. They announced they have incorporated Korean, Thai, Portuguese, and Russian as the official recommended subjects for the second foreign language study.

In addition, the Indian government stated that "More foreign languages should be included in textbooks and publications" as they stated English, French, German, Japanese, and Korean as the foreign languages that should be included more.

However, Chinese has been omitted from the subject list of pre-existing foreign language subjects such as French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. The reason Chinese has been omitted from the list appears to be due to the anti-Chinese sentiment that has been heightened in the region in connection with the recent bloody border conflict.

According to the Korean Cultural Center of India, the Indian government's draft on the education policy did not include the addition of Korean as the second language recommended subject. However, the Korean embassy and the Korean Cultural Center of India actively recommended the language to the foreign ministry and human resources development department. 

Also, the delegates of the secretary-general of the ruling party visited Korea last October and suggested that the education policy of Korea should be used as an example to develop the education system in India.

However, it was revealed that Korean is not yet included as a second language subject for the proficiency exam for university entrance in India.

Many netizens have commented "So more countries will be learning Korean", "It's a good choice that India made", "I'm glad India chose Korean. Hope India does well", "The Korean language is amazing."

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pink_oracle18,414 pts Friday, July 31, 2020 1
Friday, July 31, 2020

I don't see that as being useful to many students after school, not a great proportion of Indian's emigrate to South Korea.

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MK_Zi449 pts Friday, July 31, 2020 0
Friday, July 31, 2020

given the choices. for anyone wanting to take any language. Take one that will be actually useful to you and will be used. I remember taking french in HS but I never used it afterwards and forgot almost all of it. Forgot the reason why i chose french, but it wasn't that hard to learn since its easy to read cause it has alphabets. I took korean for a year and it wasn't hard learning to read(knowing what every word means is another story T_T) If you can read, you can pronounce the words, but it may not be super accurate without someone from the language helping you. The korean words/characters all have a pronunciation like the alphabet so it easy to memorize(being able to reading artist names or food helps in a way). Anyways learn something that will be useful to you whether its for leisure or work. Cause if you forget it. then its really a waste of time.

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