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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon makes fans laugh with her review of green onion flavored chex cereal


Back on July 17, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon left her personal review of a limited edition, new flavor cereal currently causing quite a buzz online - 'Kellogg's' green onion flavored chex cereal!

First, Taeyeon shared via her Instagram story, "I just can't take it when I'm curious", revealing that thanks to her strong curiosity, she recently went out and bought a box of the green onion flavored chex:

The singer then went on to observe the new cereal box and some of its interesting designs and advertisements. Zooming in on the strange, green onion chex mascot, Taeyeon writes, "What..."

Taeyeon then reveals more of her skepticism, as the text on the box reads, "We only give you good products." 

And finally, after trying out a bowl of the green onion chex with milk, how did Taeyeon feel?

She said, "It's nothing less than my suhh-tyle.... (heart)." 

Finally, Taeyeon added on, "For those of you wondering exactly what this cereal actually tastes like, it tastes like 'Onion Ring' snacks."

Netizens commented with laughter, "I thought she was gonna say it tastes bad for sure, what a twist kekekeke", "Taeng has similar tastebuds as I do, maybe I should try this", "It's okay Taeyeon, I still love you", "Is it supposed to be eaten with milk?? If it's like onion rings, I'd rather eat it on its own kekeke", "Aw man now I'm gonna go buy some. I trust you Taeyeon!", "You guys know Taeyeon has the tastebuds of a grandpa right kekekeke. Don't be fooled keke", "Taeyeon don't ruin your perfect image with this ;;;;", "How can I love your tastebuds, you're the one I love kekekeke", "Everyone, green onion flavored cereal is wrong", etc!

Do you want to try 'Kellogg's' green onion flavored chex?

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Winston4,677 pts Saturday, July 18, 2020 0
Saturday, July 18, 2020

Still Kellogs must have her to thank if this becomes a hit.. lol



kulimon46 pts Saturday, July 18, 2020 0
Saturday, July 18, 2020

To sell more of this Chex cereal, beyond breakfast with milk on it, its also sold as a dry snack when mixed with other chex or pretzels. This onion Chex is obviously just designed as a snack.



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