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GFriend members shed tears as they reminisce back to the time when they first debuted


GFriend shed tears as they recalled the time when they first debuted.

GFriend appeared on MBC FM4U's 'Kim Shin Young's Hopeful Song at Noon' on July 15th to speak about various topics. They revealed that they were worried that netizens will wonder why they had gone through such a drastic image change with their new album '回: Song of the Sirens'. GFriend is usually known as their girly and cute image but has taken on a mature, sensual image for their title song "Apple".

Especially on this day, it was GFriend's 2000th day after debuting and the members shared an honest talk as they reminisced about when they first debuted. DJ Kim Shin Young asked, "What do you want to tell yourselves if you were able to go back to when you first debuted?"GFriend's leader, Sowon jokingly said, "I have to be honest right? Sowon, run away"  making the listeners laugh.

Sowon continued to say, "We were all such scaredy-cats when we first debuted so we weren't able to deviate from our schedules." Yuju also agreed and said "I was really sensitive about my voice so I stated in the recording room all day. So if I go back I want to tell myself, 'Don't worry you'll be able to enjoy what you do'."

Umji went on to say that she had a difficult time because her trainee period was so short so she wants to tell herself "It's okay. It'll all pass." When Eunha heard what Umji was going to tell herself, Eunha said she wants to tell herself "Don't be too dispirited. You are too timid" as she began to shed tears. The members who were sitting next to them said "I understand how you feel" as all their eyes began to turn red and tear.

MC Kim Shin Young went on to tell the listeners that "GFriend must have shed tears 3 thousand times in order to make a 3-minute song" as she comforted the members.

The full radio show episode can be seen on YouTube:

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Friday, July 17, 2020

They've been through a lot of hardships and now look at them. A well-known,popular and the QUEEN OF synchronised girl group right now! Please always support and love Gfriend everyone!



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Sunday, July 19, 2020

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