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Rapper Swings warns off malicious commenters


Rapper Swings warned off malicious commenters saying, "I'm waiting until the settlement hits 1 trillion KRW, so keep commenting"

On April 3, Swings posted a warning message towards his haters who have been sending him malicious DM's and comments. In the post, he said, "I calculated how much I would get in a settlement if I sue all my malicious commenters and it easily goes over 100 billion KRW (about 80M USD). The only reason that I'm not pursuing legal action: I'm waiting until it hits 1 trillion KRW. lol. So keep commenting, my sales reps. lol." 

With this message, he also wrote in the caption, "P.S. Some people ask if I'm throwing shade at so and so but I'd rather bluntly diss someone if I were to do it. Don't bad-mouth when I was simply warning malicious commenters. You might regret it." 

What are your thoughts? 

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