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[Pann] List of idol group and solo idol singers' longest Perfect All-Kills + 24 hours unique listeners on Melon


(Perfect All-Kill:Asong achieves #1 everything; #1 on all realtime charts, #1 on all daily charts, #1 on Instiz Weekly Chart, which is updated hourly. For instance IU's Blueming achieved #1 on all charts 117 times)

INITIAL NOTE: I translated and saved this article yesterday and published today. When I saved it yesterday, there was BIGBANG on 10th spot, however I've noticed that the OP edited it and added Lim Chang Jung.

Longest Perfect All-Kills

1.Zico-Any Song (274 times)
2.iKON-Love Scenario (204 times)
3.IU, Park Myungsoo-Leon (136 times)
4.IU-Blueming (117 times)

5.Lim Chang Jung-There Has Never Been A Day I Haven't Loved You (95 times)
6.BLACKPINK-Ddu Du Ddu Du (92 times)
7.TWICE-TT (91 times)
8.IU-You and I (74 times)
9.TWICE-Knock Knock (69 times)
10.GFRIEND-Rough (66 times)

Idol group songs with highest 24H unique listeners on Melon

1.BIGBANG-Flower Road (1,269,006)
2.BIGBANG-Fxxk It (1,210,585)
3.BIGBANG(GD &T.O.P.)-Zutter (1,057,407)
4.BLACKPINK-Ddu Du Ddu Du (1,015,669)
5.BIGBANG-Loser (1,005,278)
6.RED VELVET-Power Up (987,862)
7.BIGBANG-If You (966,947)
8.BIGBANG-Last Dance (964,449)
9.BIGBANG-Bang Bang Bang (960,684)
10.BIGBANG-Let's Not Fall in Love (942,976)

Solo idol songs with highest 24H unique listeners on Melon

1.IU-BbiBbi (1,462,625)
2.IU, Park Myungsoo-Leon (1,400,010)
3.IU-Love Poem (1,331,778)
4.Zico feat. IU-Soulmate (1,250,226)
5.IU-Twenty Three (1,249,034)
6.IU feat. G-Dragon (1,213,162)
7.IU-Autumn Morning (1,176,259)
8.IU-Blueming (1,150,646)
9.G-Dragon-Untitled (1,133,281)
10.IU feat. HyukOh (1,111,361)

1. [+133, -6] Bigbang's music is really dope

2. [+96, -5] IU and Bigbang are the China wall, also Zico is daebak

3. [+95, -57] Other people hate how fans of boy groups like BTS line up their songs at night which fans of Bigbang don't do. I acknowledge BTS but how many people from general public know their songs?

4. [+54, 0] Bigbang, IU, Zico, iKON ㄹㅇ That's great

5. [+43, -2] Usually male groups rank higher thanks to their fandom but to be honest Bigbang.. is a legend ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ... General public's pick

6. [+28, -1] Male idols are usually weak on charts compared to female idols but Bigbang, Zico and iKON are amazing. Proud of them

7. [+26, -2] In 2015, chosen by industry experts:

Best Kpop brand: 1.Bigbang 27 votes, 2.YG 22 votes, 3. SM 13 votes

Best Song: 1.Bigbang-Loser 21 votes, 2.Zion T.-Yanghwa BRDG 17 votes, 3.Bigbang-Bang Bang Bang 10 votes

Best Singer: 1.Bigbang 40 votes, 2.IU 14 votes, 3.Zion T. 10 votes

8. [+25, -3]  Bigbang, Zico, iKON, IU and Taeyeon don't rob the empty house. They are the owners of the houseㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+24, -2] Bigbang's music is so good. They always comeback with a better song than expected ㄹㅇ Their music is really 1st class

10. [+21, -5]  Bigbang's songs aren't lined up because their fans stream hard but because general public really listens to their songs

source: https://pann.nate.com/talk/350999699

    1. Big Bang
    2. G-Dragon
    4. Zico
    5. iKON
    6. IU
    7. Red Velvet
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    BIGBANG_VIP_4eva6,248 pts Wednesday, April 29, 2020 5
    Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    Regardless of individual feelings towards BIGBANG, let’s face it, even haters can’t deny their impact over their career. And if they do, there’s plenty of receipts to pull up to prove them otherwise. As for iKON, all the time they are called flops, and yeah, our fan base Amy be small, out boys may not be a huge kpop name outside of korea, but that only speaks higher volumes when they achieve something like this. #proudikonic


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    bartkun8,863 pts Wednesday, April 29, 2020 3
    Wednesday, April 29, 2020
    Good luck for idol groups to achieve that with FLO and VIBE included...


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