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Jo Joo Bin claimed to have celebrity nudes and secrets in his 'Nth Telegram Room'


Jo Joo Bin's messages in his Nth Telegram 'Baksa Room' have gained attention for revealing personal and private information on celebrities, including nude photos. 

On April 2, Dispatch released an exclusive article containing an excerpt of Jo Joo Bin talking to his fellow members in the 'Nth Telegram room'.

The excerpt shows him bragging as he revealed details of famous celebrities. 


The conversation reads as follows: 

"Jo Joo Bin: I'll share with you my celebrity stories. Girl Group member A's social security number is XXXXX-XXXXX. Broadcast entertainer B's address: Seoul city XX gu (district) XX dong (neighborhood) XX apartments. This is the new address is of girl group idol C. If you go there and wait you can see her. She's a real b**** though. Hey, even places like Dispatch can't get these. They have to hire a private detective agencies.

Room Member 1: Are there any nudes of D?    

Jo Joo Bin: Yes, I have several pictures.

Room Member 2: I think it's a lie that he has pictures of D.

Jo Joo Bin: D. Here's the new address 9XXXXX-XXXXXX. 010-XXX-XXXX. I have a couple of pictures of her body."               

According to Dispatch, Jo Joo Bin's room is filled with both a mixture of truth and lies. The information he spread regarding social security numbers and addresses were correct. It seems as if the information was found through a certified copy of the real estate register. However, the rest of the claims are lies and were labeled by news reports as "delusional"

Jo Joo Bin has also been revealed to have found materials to blackmail celebrities with (similar to his case with JTBC's CEO Son Suk Hee). In order to make more money, he would bait the members in the chatroom with messages like: "F became a slave due to certain circumstances. Information revealed to VIP members only" and was deemed credible because he had accurate information on addresses and identification numbers. He also received help from collaborators who were social service workers who were public officials. There are up to 3 identified collaborators as of now. 

More parts of the conversation: 

"Member: Baksa, how many celebrities do you have?

Jo Joo Bin: E, F, G, H... I and J are thrown away cards. The top is the current idols. So they'll go crazy and we can get stuff from them." 

Dispatch has revealed that they have assessed the authenticity of Jo Joo Bin's rumors. Most of them are completely false. Jo Joo Bin succeeded in his scam by mixing the truth with his lies in order to earn more money by manipulating members' curiosities. This vicious cycle led to Jo Joo Bin stalking celebrities in order to get more information. 

Meanwhile, many citizens are demanding harsh punishment on all those involved in the scandal. 

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Khritter108 pts Thursday, April 2, 2020 1
Thursday, April 2, 2020

all this sh*t is absolutely disgusting but i'm glad that it's finally getting revealed to the public, took far too long.


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loldoyouknowbts797 pts Thursday, April 2, 2020 4
Thursday, April 2, 2020

The youngest person on the Nth room was 9 years old. She's probably traumatized, I feel so bad for everyone included. Matter a fact , they all are probably traumatized


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