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'Music Bank' CP clarifies they are not placing restrictions on IZ*ONE's broadcast appearances


On March 30, Kwon Yong Taek CP of KBS released a statement of response to many IZ*ONE fans' protests regarding the girl group's limited promotions. 

Previously after making their long-awaited comeback with "Fiesta", IZ*ONE disappointed fans by promoting only for a short time, including just for one week on KBS2's 'Music Bank'. Fans then decided to protest the rumored "restrictions" placed on IZ*ONE by various major broadcasting stations, and now, KBS's Kwon Yong Taek CP has responded to fans. 

Kwon Yong Taek CP clarified, "We have never placed IZ*ONE's name on a restriction list preventing them from appearances on KBS. 'Music Bank' does not hold as much power as to restrict any artists from appearing on KBS overall. I believe that a different KBS program recently recruited IZ*ONE for an appearance on a variety show, and the appearance is currently in progress." 

The CP then stated, "It's true that IZ*ONE's management requested an appearance on 'Music Bank' for February 21 and February 28 for 2 weeks of promotions; however, the staff chose to cast them as a part of the February 21 lineup only." 

Finally, Kwon CP stated, "Many fans are asking why IZ*ONE were not cast as a part of the February 28 broadcast lineup. While I understand fans' wishes to see their favorite artists putting on a great stage on 'Music Bank', unfortunately, not all artists can appear on 'Music Bank' as they wish. Casting lineup artists on 'Music Bank' is an inevitable process of being chosen and being rejected." 

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zeroli561 pts Tuesday, March 31, 2020 0
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Wiz*ones aren't just angry about that, they're angry about the treatment IZ*ONE got while attending music bank. It was their comeback but they were treated like extras, no intro, no interview, no extra song no nothing. I've never seen an idol group having a comeback like that especially when their group name doesn't appear on the show as well. But the biggest thing was when a staff member of music bank, took a photo of izone's comeback performance then posted on his IG with the captions - 'izone's first and last show at music bank', what was with that???? If you're gonna treat them like that then don't invite them and now releasing a BS statement about it.... wiz*ones aren't stupid



ecchihito121 pts Tuesday, March 31, 2020 4
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Kwon Yong Taek CP still not clarifies :

1.Why not include IZ*ONE on comeback list?

2.Why no interview IZ*ONE as other comeback group?

3.Why use IZ*ONE CD cover (other group use MV) on their chart in Music Bank?

4.Why type name "IZ*ON" - FIESTA stage on their YouTube Channel?

5.Why MC on that day not annonce, promote or say anything anything about IZ*ONE?

6.On ending stage why tell IZ*ONE members change position on stage for try to hide them?

I remember what you had done to IZ*ONE on that day Music Bank. 😑


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