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BTS's Jungkook makes netizens laugh with his strange online shopping habits


Ever see those big, obnoxious advertisements on the front page of major search engines or ad-heavy websites for the most random products, and wonder, "Who actually buys those?"

The answer to that question is... BTS's Jungkook! And these are some of those right-off-the-obnoxious-advertisement products that fans have noticed Jungkook purchasing online, below!

1. An English-learning tool advertised with a big banner right on Naver's main page, featuring a geeky-looking teacher from 'Seoul University' (Jungkook's comments: "I saw this English-learning tool on 'Naver'. I clicked on it, registered my phone number, and ordered it."):

2. 'WBSKIN' sneakers, advertised big and bold with comments "These are so comfortable, I thought I wasn't even wearing any shoes" and "After wearing these my body line became so much prettier":

3. 'WANG TA' Toothbrushes - extra long toothbrushes which may or may not fit in your mouth:

4. 'Nano Filter Nose Masks' and Jungkook boldly wearing his 3-pack of air filter nose masks in public like some stylish nose ring:

5. Frozen sugar canes (j-Hope's comment: "[Jungkook] ordered a bunch of sugar canes and stocked them in his freezer, and peels and eats them at home! He bites them with his teeth with a big noise, and it looks like he's sitting at home eating some bamboo, like a panda."):

6. An Asian conical hat (SUGA's comment: "I said, 'What is this? Did you buy it?', and he said that he bought it to match his modernized hanbok. Those Asian cone hats!"):

.... and last but not least...

7. SUGA's used pants that did not fit Jungkook, but apparently, SUGA still convinced Jungkook to buy them:

Netizens commented, "Oh hey, my mom ordered those toothbrushes and and that English learning tool too kekekeke", "Kekekekekeke, I want to see him peeling and eating those sugar canes!!", "Wow he's one of those types to click the ad and buy it right on the spot! Cute kekekeke", "What weird but cute shopping habits kekekeke", "Hahahaha we have those extra long toothbrushes at our house too", "Yes Jungkook, you buy every single thing you want buy!", and more!

Are you the type to buy products right off the ad?

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jhopes-shadow5,005 pts Wednesday, February 12, 2020 1
Wednesday, February 12, 2020

He seems like the guy who would click on spam links send by friends (u know the junk lottery stuff online) and gets virus.


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btsxarmyjin129 pts Wednesday, February 12, 2020 0
Wednesday, February 12, 2020

He’s so cute omg 🥰🥰



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