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Taeyeon & Heechul have a heart to heart about their struggles, fatigue, dating, & more on 'Petionista Taengoo'


On the January 28 broadcast of Girls' Generation member Taeyeon's 'Petionista Taengoo', the idol met up with her good friend and sunbae artist, Super Junior's Heechul. The two artists' pet dogs - Taeyeon's pet Zero and Heechul's pet Ki Bok - also met for the first time.

Acting as if they were having a private heart to heart rather than surrounded by cameras and filming crew, Taeyeon and Heechul decided to open up with each other about some of their current struggles. Taeyeon revealed, "I'm having a hard time. I'm seriously having a hard time. I've never thought about needing time off, but last year, I thought that I wanted to take a break for the first time. I needed time to recharge, but the schedules kept piling on and on, and so it's hard on me. The company's role is to bring out my hidden capabilities, and so they want me to 'try this and try that' and they're always suggesting new things for me, but when I kept putting all those things on my plate, in the end the vessel broke. I think it's too full now." Taeyeon added on that despite being tired of her rigorous schedules, she is continuing on due to her sense of responsibility toward all those around her, including her fans. 

Heechul also opened up in length about his recent dating news involving TWICE's Momo. First, Heechul addressed the various speculations online about how long the two might have been dating. He said, "They say that it's been over 3 years and such, but back then, I didn't know [her] at all... I'm so apologetic toward the fans on both sides, but thankfully, a lot of people are applauding for us, and it made me think that in my 15-year career as an entertainer, I guess I haven't lived that badly."

Later on, Heechul empathized with Taeyeon's inner struggles by sharing, "When the issue came up recently, the public and my fans, who had to have been surprised and hurt by the news, still told me, 'Oppa, you haven't had any big scandals up until now so this is okay. Thank you and we'll always cheer for you', but such encouragements actually made me feel even more guilty. I'm a lot like you in that the size of the plate where I can contain the people's love and attention is about this size, but after this news, I'm receiving so much more attention from so many people and it's hard for me to contain it all."

Finally, Heechul confessed that he was in the process of preparing a solo album release, but ultimately decided to stop its progress. The star revealed that the album and the title song was titled "Flower Petal", a song where "flower" represents Heechul and its "petals" represent the fans. Taeyeon asked, "Did you stop working on the album because some people might interpret it the wrong way?" and Heechul responded, "You got it exactly right. I just want to prevent anything that might cause misunderstandings... I told the company, 'I'll just work on a solo album another time'." 

You can watch Taeyeon and Heechul's full episode of 'Petionista Taengoo' below. 

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TheMooseLordLee812 pts Tuesday, January 28, 2020 5
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

:( I hope they let their friends and family support them through their struggles.


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kk.tsk565 pts Tuesday, January 28, 2020 2
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

If you wanna take a break, just take a break then. Fans wouldn't mind at all.


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