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JYP Entertainment issues official statement after a foreign stalker attempts to approach TWICE's Nayeon


On January 1, JYP Entertainment issued an official statement to update fans after a emergency situation, where a foreign stalker attempted to approach TWICE member Nayeon on board a flight. 

The label stated,

"On January 1 on board a returning flight from Japan to Korea, a foreign stalker of TWICE member Nayeon also came on board, causing a major disturbance by attempting to approach her multiple times. We were able to respond immediately to the situation and the artist herself did not suffer from any harm, but she is currently expressing significant feelings of discomfort and anxiety. 

Currently, Nayeon is under police protection due to this incident; while we warned this stalker numerous times through police to halt his actions, the stalker ignored our warnings and even attempted proceed with his approach through force and by raising their voice, continuing the problematic behavior more severely. 

As a result, we notify that we will enforce the highest level of legal action against this case.

Furthermore, we are also currently investigating into the matter of our artists' flight information being sold and spread illegally. We stress that we will be searching for and implementing a means to put an end to this activity as soon as possible, after experiencing this recent disturbance.

We would like to apologize to the fellow passengers on board this flight for causing discomfort due to this incident. We will make sure that such an issue does not occur again."

We hope the culprit will be subdued soon. 

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abbiee-exol154 pts 17 days ago 11
17 days ago

This needs to stop. Like it ain't cute no more. TWICE have gone through so much shit in the past year and they have to start off their new year like this. Poor Baydon :/ bro seriously needs to grow the fuck up. Its 2020. Hope he gets deported back to Germany so he won't cause anymore distress and discomfort


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Andrada23971,184 pts 17 days ago 4
17 days ago

He is a real shame for all international fans.


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