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ASTRO's MJ & Sanha admit they joke with each other too much until they fight in brotherly 'Marie Claire' pictorial


ASTRO's oldest member MJ and younger member Sanha paired up for a unique, brother pictorial in 'Marie Claire' magazine!

Even in their interview, the two ASTRO members and their brotherly chemistry was undeniable. They started off by describing each other in their own eyes, as MJ said, "Sanha is the maknae of our team, but not the type who gives the hyungs issues. He tries his best to fulfill his given tasks on his own, and he pulls his weight in the team. He's always hardworking, so it often makes the hyungs proud. It's probably something he learned from us (Laughter)." Sanha went next, with, "In the end you were complimenting yourself. Well MJ hyung is the oldest. He's 6 years older than me but we still act like friends and I'm always thankful for that. I don't know where he gets all that energy, being 26 years old, but he's always the mood maker of the group." 

How do MJ and Sanha usually spend their time together? MJ revealed, "We're always joking around and making fun of each other. There's no dull moment." Sanha added on, "Sometimes, our jokes get out of hand and we fight." 

The two members also noted their positions in their real families. MJ described, "Among the 6 members, me, Sanha, and Jinjin and the youngest children, but the other 3 are firstborns. You can really tell. The three of us tend to have more aegyo and we like to joke around, and the other three are a bit more serious." 

Finally, MJ and Sanha talked about possible units they would like to form in ASTRO! MJ said, "My voice and Rocky's voices are very different, mood-wise and substance-wise. That's why I want to try a unit with Rocky. I think when different voices meet, there's a surprisingly charming effect." Sanha commented, "I think it would be nice to form a band with me, Jinjin-hyung, and Moonbin-hyung. Jinjin-hyung on the drums, me on the guitar, and Moonbin-hyung as the vocalist." 

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