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Goo Hye Sun wishes to 'bid farewell' after her final essay publication


Multi-artist Goo Hye Sun has left a 'good-bye' message on social media.

On September 1, Goo Hye Sun took to Instagram and left a series of posts, including a rather cryptic message apparently directed at Ahn Jae Hyun, a photo of her pets, followed by a farewell message to her fans. With an image of a prologue excerpt from her essay book, she wrote:

"Hello, this is Goo Hye Sun. Ahead of the publication of my essay book 'I Am Your Pet Companion', I wish to bid farewell to you all. I was sincerely grateful for all the interest and love you gave me so far, and through those efforts I was able to achieve my dreams. Be healthy and be happy in the future. I love you. From Goo Hye Sun."

Furthermore, the excerpt from the prologue speaks of one's love for pet companions, starting off with the phrase: "I do not know what love is and I do not believe in it. But, the only existence I could say 'I love you, I loved you, I will love you' to is my pet companion."

Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun are still involved in a public divorce controversy that erupted mid-August. Currently, netizens are wondering what Goo Hye Sun meant by her 'final farewell' in this latest post. Stay tuned for updates.

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happin355130 pts 17 days ago 0
17 days ago

No matter how dark life gets, always there is a light at the end of a very dark time. this dark period of her life will soon become just a bad memory, I hope her family and friends support her in this dark time. Goo hye sun, Stay strong!, Now, This coming the begin for her new life now, I wish her that her new life is full happiness, success and good times. God bless her.😍


Sometimes a tour trip can help heal a sad heart and sad memories/moments, I suggest her make a tour trip with very good people with a lot of positive energy like snsd's YOONA, Yoona is very good, loyal, kindheart, charming, cheerful, energizing, friendly person but also very independent, wise, strong and brave girl. A close friend like Yoona can do much good in Goo hye sun's life for sure.

I wish her all the best in her new life.😍



misspayntbrush-102 pts 17 days ago 0
17 days ago

girl, don't let some ugly diminish you. a man can be the most handsome man on earth and still be ugly in his heart

just start over. youre very talented

continue to do art, remarry and live happily



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